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The Da Vinci Code
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The Da Vinci Code
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  • The idiom apparently didn’t translate.
  • Fache’s brow furrowed in apparent confusion.
  • Apparently, the curator’s private office had become DCPJ’s makeshift command post for the evening.
  • Eyeing the gray marble panel that covered the apparent hollow in the floor, he realized he could not possibly shatter the covering without making considerable noise.
  • Apparently they called Mr. Langdon’s hotel, and the concierge told them Mr. Langdon had been collected by a DCPJ agent.
  • Apparently, 454 was Sophie’s remote access code for picking up her messages while away from home.
  • Apparently Sophie had been in no mood to stop by and chat with the other officers on her way out.
  • She apparently believed the curator had left her a cryptic postscript telling her to find Langdon.
  • He shot an anxious glance at Langdon, who stood nearby with the phone pressed to his ear, apparently still listening to his phone message from the U.S. Embassy.
  • Apparently not.
  • Down the street, the two DCPJ officers who stood beside their cars were now staring in their direction, apparently curious about the headlights that had halted so abruptly up the street from them.
  • The dimensions of the box, the apparent weight of its contents, and a Priory symbol for the Grail all seemed to imply one unfathomable conclusion.
  • The four men looked at one another for a moment as if there were something more to say, but apparently there was not.
  • This key apparently required no turning.
  • Discretion was apparently not part of the vocabulary of a 15euro-per-hour watchman.
  • Langdon stood beside her, both of them staring at the small treasure chest her grandfather apparently had sent them to retrieve.
  • The answers were apparently going to have to wait.
  • Apparently the armor in this "armored truck" referred only to the cargo hold and not the front end.
  • A prim and elegant butler stood before them, making final adjustments on the white tie and tuxedo he had apparently just donned.
  • "I know, I thought perhaps you and I could…" Langdon apparently decided the unseemly metaphor had gone far enough.
  • Teabing apparently had a similar thought.
  • Apparently the owner preferred a different kind of horsepower; the stalls had been converted into an impressive automotive parking facility.
  • The police apparently want you badly enough to have tailed you to my home.
  • Teabing was apparently on the side of making the documents public.
  • The Templars’ potent treasure trove of documents, which had apparently been their source of power, was Clement’s true objective, but it slipped through his fingers.
  • Despite the apparent straightforwardness of the verse, Langdon still had no idea who this knight was or where he was buried.
  • Apparently, the vial of vinegar they had heard earlier was inside this smaller cryptex.
  • The pilot had agreed, apparently believing the far-fetched story of a gas leak.
  • Apparently there existed some other five-letter reference to the Rose’s seeded womb.
  • The heavyset man, apparently the leader, stepped forward using metal crutches.
  • Young man, apparently you are new here.
  • The men were moving slowly, still only at the third knight, apparently having no luck either.
  • Mr. Wren, apparently your family’s philanthropy does not buy you the time it used to, so perhaps we should take out the ashes and get on with it.
  • The only red flag tonight from Interpol had been a set of fingerprints that apparently belonged to Teabing’s servant.
  • Captain Fache had apparently requested the London police dispatcher alert him if Sophie called in.
  • Langdon apparently had the same idea; he was gathering himself together and moving toward her now.
  • Apparently the word was out.
  • Jacques reported to the police that your brother and I had been in the car… our two bodies apparently washed off in the current.
  • The Temple Church was the perfect location to steal the keystone from Robert and Sophie, and its apparent relevance to the poem made it a plausible decoy.
  • Apparently the man had helped design the security parameters that kept the Depository Bank of Zurich a leader in the ultramodern world of electronic security.
  • Last night, however, Aringarosa had received a call from Bezu Fache, questioning the bishop about his apparent connection to a nun who had been murdered in Saint-Sulpice.
  • Apparently.
  • Dozens of texts appeared, many of them referencing the eighteenth-century British writer Alexander Pope, whose counterreligious, mock-epic poetry apparently contained plenty of references to knights and London.
  • Vernet’s credit card records showed a penchant for art books, expensive wine, and classical CD’s—mostly Brahms—which he apparently enjoyed on an exceptionally high-end stereo system he had purchased several years ago.
  • "The devil you will!" the Kent chief inspector declared, apparently knowing enough about executive airfields to suspect Simon Edwards might well lie about the plane’s occupants in an effort to keep Teabing’s business at Biggin Hill.
  • You’re telling me all of these historians actually believe…" Faukman swallowed, apparently unable to say the words.
  • Saunière had apparently lay down and swung the pen around himself in several long arcs, essentially inscribing himself inside a circle.
  • You told me Saunière was attacked in his office by someone he had apparently invited in.
  • Sophie and Jacques Saunière apparently had some kind of special relationship.
  • We passed through metal detectors," Sophie reminded, apparently sensing Langdon’s apprehension.
  • I was not aware of this, and it seems neither was the director until a coworker informed him, but apparently Sophie Neveu is Jacques Saunière’s granddaughter.
  • Saunière’s left index finger was also bloody, apparently having been dipped into the wound to create the most unsettling aspect of his own macabre deathbed; using his own blood as ink, and employing his own naked abdomen as a canvas, Saunière had drawn a simple symbol on his flesh—five straight lines that intersected to form a five-pointed star.
  • Saunière apparently had done just that and left the knight unattended long enough for Rémy Legaludec to make one inconspicuous addition.
  • The odds…" Rémy smiled, seeming to have no trouble with the apparent coincidence of Langdon’s chosen refuge.

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  • The effects of the drought are apparent to anyone who sees the dry fields.
  • The committee investigated some apparent discrepancies.

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