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The Silver Chair
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The Silver Chair
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unspecified meaning
  • It was then hardly ten minutes since they had first heard her cry.
  • "I was only here about a minute before you," said Scrubb.

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  • They found a place where they could scramble up, and in about ten minutes stood panting at the top.
  • After about twenty-five minutes the giants apparently had a quarrel.
  • Ten minutes later they were falling quite thickly.
  • "Where I come from," said Jill, who was disliking him more every minute, "they don’t think much of men who are bossed about by their wives."
  • In twenty minutes the ground was noticeably white.
  • Jill thought the same, but was asleep in five minutes.
  • The noise of hounds and horns and giant voices guided them, so that in a few minutes they reached the courtyard.
  • In a few minutes they were back on the broad, steep road which led down from the main gate of the castle.

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  • You had to go flat on your face for what seemed like half an hour, though it may really have been only five minutes.
  • And the minutes are slipping past.
  • A few minutes ago when they had been in the kitchen, she had thought that if only they could once get out of the castle, their escape would be almost complete.
  • (Owing to the curious methods of teaching at Experiment House, one did not learn much French or Maths or Latin or things of that sort; but one did learn a lot about getting away quickly and quietly when They were looking for one.) After about a minute’s scramble they stopped to listen, and knew by the noises they heard that they were being followed.
  • The others, for a sickening minute or so, went forward at a walk.
  • They began eating the minute they awoke.
  • She began to play it with her fingers — a steady, monotonous thrumming that you didn’t notice after a few minutes.
  • We have all been dreaming, these last few minutes.
  • For the last few minutes Jill had been feeling that there was something she must remember at all costs.
  • "Your honours," said Golg (and when they turned to look at him they could see nothing but blackness for a few minutes, their eyes were so dazzled).
  • Those lamps will give out in five minutes, I shouldn’t wonder.
  • For of course Eustace had been having a very different time from Jill during the last few minutes.
  • You’ve got to be off in a few minutes and two Centaurs have very kindly offered to let you ride on their backs down to Cair Paravel.
  • The three were talking with their heads close together for a few minutes, but no one could hear what they said.
  • And you shall see their world — for five minutes of their time.
  • She’s the sort that wouldn’t so much mind dying herself if she knew that the chap who killed her was going to be burned, or buried, or drowned five minutes later.
  • Only ten minutes!
  • It would have been nasty enough at the bottom even five minutes later for the tide was running up the valley like a mill-race, and if it had come to swimming, the horses could hardly have won over.
  • Then Eustace did see, and apologized to the Dwarfs (and the Dwarfs said not to mention it), and dozens of thick, hairy, dwarfish hands helped him out just as they had helped Jill out a few minutes before.
  • Jill, who had been so cowardly about going through a black hole betweeen one cave and another, went in without fear between the stamping and snorting beasts, and she and the Prince had them saddled and bridled in a few minutes.
  • For, with the strength of Aslan in them, Jill plied her crop on the girls and Caspian and Eustace plied the flats of their swords on the boys so well that in two minutes all the bullies were running like mad, crying out, ’Murder!
  • While they were sipping it, the Dwarfs had already got all the snow and all the sods off a large strip of the hillside round the original hole, and the pickaxes and spades were now going as merrily as the feet of Fauns and Dryads had been going in the dance ten minutes before.
  • And those who heard him shouted it on to others, so that in a few minutes the whole of Underland was ringing with shouts and cheers, and gnomes by hundreds and thousands, leaping, turning cart-wheels, standing on their heads, playing leap-frog, and letting off huge crackers, came pressing round Coalblack and Snowflake.

  • There are no more uses of "minuteness" in the book.

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very, very small
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a written record of what happened at a meeting
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