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Childhood's End
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Childhood's End
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  • But none was needed: not by chance alone could those mighty ships have come to rest so precisely over New York, London, Paris, Moscow, Rome, Cape Town, Tokyo, Canberra….
  • But this fact in itself was surprising and impressive: he would never have believed that such precise, swift replies could have been obtained.

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  • But-and this was Fact three, which he had only this moment discovered-the small and insignificant star known as NGS 549672 was in precisely the right place.
  • Then Karellen continued, and now his voice held something that was not quite pity and not precisely scorn.
  • Precisely.
  • They were spaced with perfect precision along the rim of the planet-too huge to be artificial, yet too regular to be natural.
  • The immense forces that drove the ship must have been compensated with exquisite precision.
  • As faras Jan could tell, they were of all ages from five to fifteen, yet they all moved with the same speed, precision, and complete indifference to their surroundings.
  • I can’t identify it precisely, but the nearest star that fits the description is Rhamsandron 9.
  • The scattered, unutterably lonely figures began to converge, to gather into a crowd that moved precisely as a human crowd might do.

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  • Had he ever been to Earth, or was it just another of the many planets in his charge, of whose exact location he was not precisely sure?
  • It was not precisely a memory.

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as in: about noon; 12:03 to be precise Define
exact (accurate)
as in: a precise personality Define
meticulous (careful about details)
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