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Childhood's End
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Childhood's End
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  • Always assuming, of course, that Duval’s theory was correct.
  • For thirty years he had assumed that Konrad was dead.

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  • He assumed that it was some kind of robot, and it explained how Karellen had been able to reach him through the unknown layers of rock overhead.
  • It was, of course, universally assumed that the Overlords, or beings of the same species, had come into violent conflict with ancient man.
  • Assuming that an eventual return was guaranteed, of course.
  • Before he left his cell, Jan would have to equalize pressure, and he had assumed that the atmosphere inside the Overlord ship was unbreathable.
  • Rupert himself was sitting at the console of what seemed to be a television engineer’s control unit: it was, George assumed, the device that had projected his image out to meet them.
  • Until a novel situation is analysed, it is safest to assume the worst.
  • I’d like to know how the Overlords bring up their kids-assuming, of course, that they have any.
  • Nothing was known of the visiting Overlord, but it was assumed that he could absorb Culture in unlimited amounts.

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  • They had treated him well, as he had assumed they would.
  • The colours and shapes it showed were meaningless to him:,he assumed that they were conveying information which in a vessel designed by men would have been displayed on banks of meters.
  • He had subconsciously assumed that the Overlords possessed all knowledge and all power-that they understood, and were probably responsible fbr, the things that had been happening to Jeff.

  • There are no more uses of "assume" in the book.

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as in: I assume it's true Define
to accept something as true without proof
as in: She assumed power Define
beginning to take power or responsibility
as in: She assumed a false identity Define
to take on (adopt, wear, strike a pose or appearance of) -- often while pretending or disguising
as in: assumed into heaven Define
to take up or receive someone into heaven
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