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Childhood's End
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Childhood's End
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  • Along the frontiers that would soon be gone forever the guards had been doubled -but the soldiers eyed each other with a still inarticulate friendliness.
  • He had long suspected the existence of an extremist movement inside-or on the frontiers of-the Freedom League.

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  • There were plenty of technologists, but few original workers extending the frontiers of human knowledge.
  • They were the frontier posts, as Jan could see from the charts, of a wide plain which lay at too great a depth for the scanners to reach.
  • I think that aurora was only a by-product of whatever energies are being released up there on the frontier of space.
  • The ship was leaving the frontiers of the Solar System: the energies that powered the Stardrive were ebbing fast, but they had done their work.
  • Too hot to be white, it was a searing ghost at the frontiers of the ultra-violet, burning its planets with radiations which would be instantly lethal to all earthly forms of life.

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as in: the frontier of Tibet Define
an international boundary or a wilderness at the edge of a settled area
as in: the frontier of brain science Define
the most recent understandings and achievements in a changing field
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