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Childhood's End
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Childhood's End
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  • "I wonder if you really appreciate," he continued earnestly, "how difficult this state of affairs makes my job?"
  • Stormgren hoped he appreciated this gesture, which had been Karellen’s idea.

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  • As you’ll iee-I do hope you appreciate my frankness-our whole plan depended on one thing.
  • Nothing brutal, you appreciate.
  • Ilis main subjects bad been mathematics and physics, but as subsidiaries he had taken philosophy and musical appreciation.
  • Jan Rodricks, though he seldom appreciated his luck, would have been even more discontented in an earlier age.
  • Salomon was no artist, but he had an acute appreciation of art and knew that his age could riot match the achievements of previous centuries in any single field.
  • Perhaps he felt the need of direct contact with one human being at least: perhaps he realized that Stormgren needed this form of personal support If this was the explanation, the Secretary-General appreciated it: he did not mind if the Freedom League referred to him contemptuously as "Karellen’s office-boy".
  • Like not a few other intelligent and well-meaning men, he could appreciate all that Karellen had done for the human race, while still being unhappy about the Supervisor’s ultimate plans.
  • Andrew Carson’s intriguing volumes and curves changed slowly as one watched, according to complex patterns that the mind could appreciate, even if it could not fully comprehend them.

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  • Some humorous civil servant had put the Royal Astrociomical Society on the top floor of the great building, a gesture which the Council members fully appreciated as it gave them a magnificent view across the Thames and over the entire northern part of the city.

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as in: I appreciate her efforts. Define
to recognize the value or importance of and/or: to be grateful for
as in: I appreciate the complexities Define
to understand a situation-often one with important complications
as in: We hope our home will appreciate Define
to increase in value
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