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The Last Battle
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The Last Battle
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  • Stand here, sentry, with your back to the wall.
  • Two black shapes rose against it: one was the stable, and the other, a few feet in front of it, was a Calormene sentry.
  • Before he well knew what was happening the Calormene sentry found his right hand seized in a mighty grip.
  • With the remains of them he bound the sentry hand and foot.
  • As soon as I saw that you’d got the sentry out of the way I thought hadn’t I better have a look inside the stable and see what really is there?
  • But the Dwarf told them that if they arrived there by daylight they would probably find the place deserted, except perhaps for a Calormene sentry.
  • The Cat was to go in first and the sentry had orders to do him no harm.
  • And after that, Shift would send in anyone he wanted to get rid of and the sentry would kill them.
  • He killed the sentry and flung him outside the door.
  • "Well," said Lucy, "the sentry was surprised.

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  • She successfully bluffed her way past the sentry.
  • The sentry was killed without a sound.

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