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The Horse and His Boy
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The Horse and His Boy
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  • The lion apparently did not think its prey worth a wetting; at any rate it made no attempt to take the water in pursuit.
  • And now, apparently, he was no relation to Arsheesh at all.
  • So, apparently, did the lions.
  • "Apparently," thought Shasta to himself, "I’m being mistaken for a prince of Archenland, wherever that is."
  • Apparently he had now come over the crown of the island-hill on which Tashbaan is built.
  • Apparently it was still very early morning.
  • A couple of fauns had apparently just been helping it out of its armour.
  • "Apparently King Lune is my father," said Shasta.
  • And about a week after we were both born, apparently, they took us to a wise old Centaur in Narnia to be blessed or something.
  • And apparently he’d done something wrong — bezzling or some word like that — I didn’t understand that part very well — and Father had had to dismiss him.
  • The Tisroc was apparently sunk in thought, but when, after a long pause, he noticed what was happening, he said tranquilly: "My son, by all means desist from kicking the venerable and enlightened Vizier: for as a costly jewel retains its value even if hidden in a dung-hill, so old age and discretion are to be respected even in the vile persons of our subjects."

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  • The effects of the drought are apparent to anyone who sees the dry fields.
  • The committee investigated some apparent discrepancies.

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