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The Voyage of the Dawn Trader
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The Voyage of the Dawn Trader
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  • "They’re not in Pug’s purse yet, Sire," said the Lord Bern, for he it was.
  • These were their names — the Lord Revilian, the Lord Bern, the Lord Argoz, the Lord Mavramorn, the Lord Octesian, the Lord Restimar, and — oh, that other one who’s so hard to remember.
  • "Short enough, Sire," said Bern.
  • "Not by my counsel," said Bern.
  • After a little more conversation Caspian and Bern walked down to the coast a little west of the village and there Caspian winded his horn.
  • Then the boat put off again and in a few moments Caspian and the Lord Bern were on deck explaining the situation to Drinian.
  • He, just like Caspian, wanted to lay the Dawn Treader alongside the slave-ship at once and board her, but Bern made the same objection.
  • "Bernstead," said the Lord Bern.
  • Bern’s people, many of whom they saw working in the fields, were all freemen and it was a happy and prosperous fief.
  • Bern and his gracious wife and merry daughters made them good cheer.
  • But after dark Bern sent a messenger over by boat to Doorn to order some preparations (he did not say exactly what) for the following day.
  • This was done; and then in three boatloads Caspian and his people, and Bern with a few of his, put out for Narrowhaven.
  • "This is what I sent word about last night," said Bern.
  • At the same moment — and this was also due to Bern’s messengers — bells began ringing from many parts of the town.
  • At first the only people who cheered were those who had been warned by Bern’s messenger and knew what was happening and wanted it to happen.
  • "Uncover before Narnia, you dog," thundered the Lord Bern, and dealt him a rap with his gauntleted hand which sent his hat flying from his head.
  • He, with Bern and Drinian and four others, went into the hall.
  • Caspian nodded to Bern and then stood aside.
  • Bern and Drinian took a step forward and each seized one end of the table.
  • And Caspian said, "I think we have had enough of governors," and made Bern a Duke, the Duke of the Lone Islands.
  • Bern could only tell them that he had seen his six companions sail away eastward and that nothing had, ever been heard of them again.
  • My Lord Bern, come here.
  • You are one of those seven lords of Narnia whom my Uncle Miraz sent to sea and whom I have come out to look for — Argoz, Bern, Octesian, Restimar, Mavramorn, or — or — I have forgotten the others.
  • CHAPTER FOUR WHAT CASPIAN DID THERE Nert morning the Lord Bern called his guests early, and after breakfast he asked Caspian to order every man he had into full armour.
  • And before Gumpas quite realized what was happening, Bern was kneeling with his hands between the King’s hands and taking the oath to govern the Lone Islands in accordance with the old customs, rights, usages and laws of Narnia.
  • When all this had been pleasantly settled, Caspian ordered horses, of which there were a few in the castle, though very ill-groomed and he, with Bern and Drinian and a few others, rode out into the town and made for the slave market.
  • Late in the afternoon (for they had to do all by oar), having turned to starboard round the northeast end of Doorn and port again round the point of Avra, they entered into a good harbour on Avra’s southern shore where Bern’s pleasant lands sloped down to the water’s edge.
  • "My Lord Bern," said Caspian, "we must talk of the state of these Islands.
  • "Steer straight down this channel, captain," said Bern, "and then round to Avra where my own estates are.
  • The captain gaped but Bern immediately cried, "Three.

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  • Bern is the federal city (de facto capital) of Switzerland.
  • Albert Einstein worked as clerk at the patent office in Bern while he worked on his Theory of Relativity.

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