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Cyrano de Bergerac
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Used in
Cyrano de Bergerac
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  • Day is breaking with a faint glimmer of yellow sunrise in the east.  (not reviewed by editor)

  • CYRANO: Ay, it is sweet! Half hidden,—half revealed— You see the dark folds of my shrouding cloak, And I, the glimmering whiteness of your dress: I but a shadow—you a radiance fair! Know you what such a moment holds for me?  (not reviewed by editor)

  • CYRANO: Ah! if I see but the faint glimmer of hope, then I draw out my letter! (Roxane, masked, followed by the duenna, appears at the glass pane of the door.  (not reviewed by editor)

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as in: glimmering lights
as in: a glimmer of hope
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