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Childhood's End
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Childhood's End
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  • George was sufficiently alert to avoid the trap.
  • No place where I could not send my-ah-devices if I felt sufficiently strongly about it.
  • It was sufficient: the next day the Government of South Africa announced that full civil rights would be restored to the white minority.
  • I regret the need for this concealment as much as you do, but the reasons are sufficient.
  • As he moved he felt a slight dizziness-not enough to be unpleasant but sufficient to convince him that he had indeed been drugged.
  • There were, of course, some drones, but the number of people sufficiently strong-willed to indulge in a life of complete idleness is much smaller than is generally supposed.
  • She liked Fey, but felt that one hound per house was quite sufficient.

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  • We have sufficient supplies.
  • Is there sufficient cause for a search warrant?

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