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Childhood's End
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Childhood's End
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  • Oh yes, quite often-but only on trivial points.
  • Don’t omit any derail, however trivial it seems.
  • The replies were so trivial, so ambiguous.
  • Its establishment had taken twenty years and some billions of Pounds Decimal-a relatively trivial factor, therefore, of the world’s total wealth.
  • In the face of this, George’s own problems seemed suddenly trivial.
  • They could have been something tremendous and awe-inspiring—or as spectacular yet trivial as the neon signs of old-time Broadway.
  • The main difference between us and the British in India was that they had no real motives for going there-no conscious objectives, that is, except such trivial and temporary ones as trade or hostility to other European powers.

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  • We’re in agreement on the main issues. We just have some trivial details to work out.
  • I have heard only trivial objections.

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