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Childhood's End
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Childhood's End
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  • It faded swiftly away Into a banshee wail, an ululation that dwindled and died, yet was repeated a moment later from a more distant source.
  • No-one dared disturb him or interrupt his thoughts: and presently he turned his back upon the dwindling Sun.
  • He watched until it had dwindled to a thin thread of blue, hard for the eye to focus upon in the surrounding redness of the sky.
  • The ship was driving into Earth’s great cone of shadow: the gleaming crescent dwindled, shrank to a burning bow of fire, and winked out of existence.
  • There is something that you can do for us…… " The glare"of the Stardrive dwindled and died, somewhere out there beyond the orbit of Mars.

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  • Her savings dwindled down
  • I started the diet with good intentions, but my resolution dwindled over time.

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