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Childhood's End
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Childhood's End
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  • The Overlords seemed largely indifferent to forms of government, provided that they were not oppressive or corrupt.
  • Detachment was all very well, but it could change so easily to indifference.
  • He had laboured to take men to the stars, and in the moment of success the stars-the aloof, indifferent stars-had come to him.
  • "Oh, I suppose so," he replied indifferently.
  • The Peculiar Circumstance sat watching them silently, but doubtless not with indifference.
  • The great, wide eyes, their pupils sharply contracted even in this indifferent light, stared fathonilessly back into the frankly curious human ones.
  • It was too late now to say all that was due to her, and the regrets he felt were less for his deceits than for his past indifference.
  • He did not wait: the silent giants watched him with tolerance or indifference as he ran from the control room.
  • As faras Jan could tell, they were of all ages from five to fifteen, yet they all moved with the same speed, precision, and complete indifference to their surroundings.
  • There were left only the still lakes, the winding rivers, the rolling brown hills, now stripped of their green carpet-and the silent, indifferent figures who had wrought all this destruction.
  • You’re probably right," said Rupert, rather indifferently.
  • "That," said the pilot indifferently, "is probably Lucifer.

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  • About a third are in favor of the change, a third are opposed, and a third are indifferent.
  • Before meeting us, she felt alone in an indifferent world.

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