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  • Aarfy was like an eerie ogre in a dream, incapable of being bruised or evaded, and Yossarian dreaded him for a complex of reasons he was too petrified to untangle.
  • Havermeyer was a lead bombardier who never took evasive action going in to the target and thereby increased the danger of all the men who flew in the same formation with him.

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  • Yossarian was the best man in the group at evasive action, but had no idea why.
  • There was no established procedure for evasive action.
  • The chaplain colored and turned away evasively.
  • Yossarian did have brains enough and was, and the only thing that stopped him from abandoning his post under fire and scurrying back through the crawlway like a yellow-bellied rat was his unwillingness to entrust the evasive action out of the target area to anybody else.
  • Colonel Korn was the lawyer, and if Colonel Korn assured him that fraud, extortion, currency manipulation, embezzlement, income tax evasion and black-market speculations were legal, Colonel Cathcart was in no position to disagree with him.
  • Even Havermeyer resorted to the wildest evasive action he could command when he saw what a vast distance he had still to travel to escape, and Dobbs, at the pilot’s controls in his formation, zigged when he should have zagged, skidding his plane into the plane alongside, and chewed off its tail.
  • ’Havermeyer, why the hell don’t you ever take evasive action?’ they would demand in a rage after the mission.
  • He came in on the target like a Havermeyer, confidently taking no evasive action at all, and suddenly they were shooting the living shit out of him!

  • There are no more uses of "evade" in the book.

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as in: evade the enemy Define
physically avoid or get away from; or: said of something that is hard to obtain
as in: evade the question Define
to avoid or try to avoid either a responsibility or telling the whole truth
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