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unspecified meaning
  • In about fifteen minutes the crash trucks from the airfield arrived to fight the fire.
  • The argument with Clevinger had begun a few minutes earlier when Yossarian had been unable to find a machine gun.

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  • Dunbar loved shooting skeet because he hated every minute of it and the time passed so slowly.
  • A minute passed.
  • The officers of the other five planes in each flight arrived in trucks for the general briefing that took place thirty minutes later.
  • You’re going to learn, Popinjay — the minute we finish with Clevinger you’re going to learn.
  • Now, you keep your eyes open and let me know the minute you hear anyone even talking about Washington Irving.
  • Give me a minute or two to put some mercurochrome on these cuts.
  • I’ll have Milo speak to him about it the minute he gets back from Rome.’
  • Bologna should have exulted Dunbar, because the minutes dawdled and the hours dragged like centuries.

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  • I’ve still got a lot to get done today so that I can be fully prepared bright and early tomorrow morning to go into combat the minute they want me to.’
  • After a minute, Yossarian and a gentle warm wind were the only things stirring in the haunting tranquillity that hung like a drug over the vacated tents.
  • How much older can you be at your age? A half minute before that you were stepping into high school, and an unhooked brassiere was as close as you ever hoped to get to Paradise.
  • In the space of a single productive minute, therefore, he might endorse twenty separate documents each advising him to pay absolutely no attention to any of the others.
  • The recruits in his squadron had all been shaken roughly awake only minutes before by the sergeant’s corporals and told to assemble in front of the administration tent.
  • A punishment tour for Clevinger was fifty minutes of a weekend hour spent pacing back and forth before the provost marshal’s building with a ton of an unloaded rifle on his shoulder.
  • It was still impossible to imagine what he could have done to make her angry enough to hammer him over the head for fifteen or twenty minutes, yet not angry enough to pick him up by the ankles and dash his brains out.
  • A chubby, moon-faced navigator with little reptilian eyes and a pipe like Aarfy’s had trouble, too, and Yossarian used to chase him back from the nose as they turned toward the target, now minutes away.
  • Minutes passed in rigid silence, and the whole lot of them might have stood there at attention till doomsday if Major Danby had not dropped by from Group to congratulate Major Major twenty minutes later and put them all at ease.
  • Minutes passed in rigid silence, and the whole lot of them might have stood there at attention till doomsday if Major Danby had not dropped by from Group to congratulate Major Major twenty minutes later and put them all at ease.
  • We’ll allocate about a minute and a half for you in the schedule.
  • Will a minute and a half be enough?
  • The tomato you’re still holding in your hand right this very minute!’
  • ’I think you’d better wait a minute, Dad,’ he suggested hesitantly.
  • There’s an endive exporter in Palermo I have to see for a minute about a shipment of mushrooms to Bern that were damaged by mold.
  • ’They’re ripening very quickly,’ answered Milo, ’and we don’t have a minute to lose.
  • Now, you go right back there this minute and try it again.
  • And I am going to do something about it, this very minute.
  • You let them come in and look you over for a few minutes and I won’t tell anyone you’ve been lying about your liver symptoms.’
  • All you’ve got to do is lie there a few minutes and die a little.
  • If it’s just for a few minutes and you promise to wait right outside.
  • You’ll see how much profit that can mean in about fifteen minutes when we land in Palermo.’
  • Minutes passed like hours before he finally recognized himself as the source of the turbulent roar that was overwhelming him.
  • But what’s the point of the rest of us working so hard if you’re going to give Major Major medical attention the minute Milo begins starving him to death? I just wonder what they’re going to think up at Group about the man who’s undermining our whole security program.
  • Ten minutes passed.
  • One more girl appeared wearing only panties and sat down, bringing the total congregating there in just a few minutes to eleven, all but one of them completely unclothed.
  • There was something fearful and minute about Doc Daneeka as he sat despondently outside his tent in the sunlight as often as he could, dressed in khaki summer trousers and a short-sleeved summer shirt that was bleached almost to an antiseptic gray by the daily laundering to which he had it subjected.
  • You’ll tear it up into little pieces the minute I’m gone and go walking away like a big shot because a tall, young, beautiful girl like me, Luciana, let you sleep with her and did not ask you for money.
  • The minute she was gone, Yossarian tore the slip of paper up and walked away in the other direction, feeling very much like a big shot because a beautiful young girl like Luciana had slept with him and did not ask for money.
  • It took almost a full minute for Appleby to disentangle himself from Orr’s flailing arms and legs and grope his way to his feet, with Orr held off the ground before him by the shirt front in one hand and his other arm drawn back in a fist to smite him dead, and at that moment Yossarian stepped forward and took Orr away from him.
  • In another minute the chaplain felt strong enough to rise and walk with glum reluctance to the tent next door for Sergeant Whitcomb.
  • One minute he was living, one minute he was dead.
  • One minute he was living, one minute he was dead.
  • If you think about it a minute, you’ll see that you’d leave us no alternative.
  • And live in danger every minute of your life that they would find you?
  • You’ll have to keep on your toes every minute of every day.
  • I’ll keep on my toes every minute.
  • A second parachute popped open a few minutes later and coasted down, like the first, directly in toward the clearing of the landing strip.
  • Nately bounded out of bed after a few minutes to announce his good fortune to his friends at the top of his voice.
  • Six missions is an increase of twenty per cent in just a couple of minutes, which is not bad at all, Milo, not bad at all.
  • As he sat inertly at the rickety bridge table that served as a desk, his lips were closed, his eyes were blank, and his face, with its pale ochre hue and ancient, confined clusters of minute acne pits, had the color and texture of an uncracked almond shell.
  • Watching him was all that kept us from going to pieces altogether during the first few minutes, what with each wave washing over us into the raft or dumping a few of us back into the water so that we had to climb back in again before the next wave came along and washed us right back out.
  • And that’s how he spent the time until the launch picked us up about thirty minutes later, sitting there with that baited fishing line out behind him, with the compass in his lap and the map spread out on his knees, and paddling away as hard as he could with that dinky blue oar as though he was speeding to Majorca.
  • ’I won’t take the valve apart now,’ he said, and began taking it apart, working with slow, tireless, interminable precision, his rustic, ungainly face bent very close to the floor, picking painstakingly at the minute mechanism in his fingers with such limitless, plodding concentration that he seemed scarcely to be thinking of it at all.
  • Major Danby agreed with a melancholy nod, lowering his eyes again, and there was no hope at all for either of them until footsteps exploded in the corridor suddenly and the chaplain, shouting at the top of his voice, came bursting into the room with the electrifying news about Orr, so overcome with hilarious excitement that he was almost incoherent for a minute or two.
  • He prayed that Corporal Whitcomb would be gone when he reached the clearing so that he could undress without embarrassment, wash his arms and chest and shoulders thoroughly, drink water, lie down refreshed and perhaps even sleep for a few minutes; but he was in for still another disappointment and still another shock, for Corporal Whitcomb was Sergeant Whitcomb by the time he arrived and was sitting with his shirt off in the chaplain’s chair sewing his new sergeant’s stripes on his…
  • …audibly through the shattering, overwhelming howl of the plane’s engines, and then there were just Kid Sampson’s two pale, skinny legs, still joined by strings somehow at the bloody truncated hips, standing stock-still on the raft for what seemed a full minute or two before they toppled over backward into the water finally with a faint, echoing splash and turned completely upside down so that only the grotesque toes and the plaster-white soles of Kid Sampson’s feet remained in view.
  • The valve Orr was dismantling was about the size of a thumb and contained thirty-seven separate parts, excluding the casing, many of them so minute that Orr was required to pinch them tightly between the tips of his fingernails as he placed them carefully on the floor in orderly, catalogued rows, never quickening his movements or slowing them down, never tiring, never pausing in his relentless, methodical, monotonous procedure unless it was to leer at Yossarian with maniacal mischief.
  • All he could ever see was Aarfy, with whose fustian, moon-faced ineptitude he had finally lost all patience, and there were minutes of agonizing fury and frustration in the sky when he hungered to be demoted again to a wing plane with a loaded machine gun in the compartment instead of the precision bombsight that he really had no need for, a powerful, heavy fifty-caliber machine gun he could seize vengefully in both hands and turn loose savagely against all the demons tyrannizing him:…
  • If I had gotten syphilis or a dose of clap for my five minutes of passion on the beach instead of this damned mosquito bite, I could see justice.

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a written record of what happened at a meeting
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