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The Brothers Karamazov
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The Brothers Karamazov
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  • The people of the house, an old cabinet-maker, his son, and his old wife, looked with positive suspicion at Alyosha.
  • But I have been lying, lying positively my whole life long, every day and hour of it.

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  • "Hitherto at least I have stood in the front ranks of all that is progressive in Europe, and here the new generation positively ignores us," he thought.
  • His face was suddenly solemn and impressive, which gave him a positively malignant look.
  • His eyes gleamed, and his lips positively quivered.
  • He positively stammered; but he was beyond thinking of style, and he seized his hat.
  • There was something positively condescending in his expression.
  • Tears positively glittered in his eyes.
  • There was something positively mysterious in it, too.
  • He moved closer so that his knees positively knocked against Alyosha.

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  • For one moment every one stared at him without a word; and at once every one felt that something revolting, grotesque, positively scandalous, was about to happen.
  • That was the truth; the young man had an unmistakable influence over his father, who positively appeared to be behaving more decently and even seemed at times ready to obey his son, though often extremely and even spitefully perverse.
  • He foresaw with distress that something very unseemly was beginning and that there were positive signs of disobedience.
  • Alyosha realized at the first glance, at the first word, that all the tragedy of her position in relation to the man she loved so dearly was no secret to her; that she perhaps already knew everything, positively everything.
  • It was a positive fact, for there had been a good many, especially during the last two years, who had attempted to obtain those favors.
  • She gayly sat down beside Alyosha on the sofa, looking at him with positive delight.
  • Ivan positively smiled at the thought that everything was helping his sudden departure.
  • So that I positively wondered at so strange a dream in myself.
  • Every one wondered at his words, he spoke so strangely and positively; we were all touched and wept.
  • Mother positively smiled at that, smiled through her tears.
  • I was so overwhelmed at this unexpected circumstance that my mind was positively clouded.
  • They walked along in silence, Rakitin was positively afraid to talk.
  • Mitya positively laughed at her, and had once said about her that she was just as lively and at her ease as she was uncultivated.
  • "Not the faintest, madam; ah, madam, not the faintest!" cried Mitya, in nervous impatience, positively starting from his seat.
  • Kalvanov was positively indignant.
  • And let me tell you, as I wish to hide nothing from you now, that he positively spat at me.
  • They had positively thrown down their cards, all were standing up and talking.
  • The prosecutor positively seized hold of him.
  • You are positively hindering the inquiry….
  • Mitya spoke much and quickly, nervously and effusively, as though he positively took his listeners to be his best friends.
  • I tell you positively, definitely, the door was shut the whole time I was in the garden, and when I ran out of the garden.
  • "Surely I didn’t declare so positively that I’d brought three thousand?"
  • The prosecutor positively pounced on this piece of evidence.
  • The prosecutor positively smiled at the "innocence of this subterfuge."
  • Nikolay Parfenovitch’s little figure was positively majestic by the time he had finished speaking.
  • Then he began at once speaking with loud, nervous haste, gesticulating, and in a positive frenzy.
  • "And I shall be making a fuss!" he thought, with a feeling of positive discomfort.
  • But this was received with positive indignation by the ladies, who immediately called him a "naughty man," to his great satisfaction.
  • "So you positively declare that you are not guilty of the death of your father, Fyodor Pavlovitch?" asked the investigating lawyer, softly but insistently.
  • At the sight of Grushenka, Mitya’s jealousy vanished, and, for an instant he became trustful and generous, and positively despised himself for his evil feelings.
  • On the other hand, he was more than once that night overcome by a sort of inexplicable humiliating terror, which he felt positively paralyzed his physical powers.
  • After keeping him for a moment in suspense, Kuzma Kuzmitch pronounced at last in the most positive and chilling tone: "Excuse me, we don’t undertake such business."
  • When Mitya began to speak of his quarrel with his father over his inheritance, the priest was positively alarmed, as he was in some way dependent on Fyodor Pavlovitch.
  • If they declare that it is they who are advancing towards unity, only the most simple-hearted among them believe it, so that one may positively marvel at such simplicity.
  • There’s positively no talking to you!" cried Mitya, exasperated beyond endurance, and turning to the secretary, crimson with anger, he said quickly, with a note of fury in his voice: "Write down at once …. at once ….
  • She was positively thinner.
  • He positively disliked him; at most, felt sometimes a compassion for him, and even that was mixed with great contempt, almost repugnance.
  • Yet he went to see Mitya on the first day of his arrival, and that interview, far from shaking Ivan’s belief in his guilt, positively strengthened it.
  • A few days later he positively wondered how he could have been so horribly distressed at his suspicions.
  • "There’ll be nothing of the sort, and you won’t go," he concluded at last positively.
  • The doctor expressed his opinion positively and emphatically.
  • Fetyukovitch positively started, as though scenting something, and caught at it instantly.
  • Is it positively, actually true that there is no one else at all?
  • He did not want to analyze the reason for this feeling, and even felt a positive repugnance at prying into his sensations.
  • But even Rakitin could say nothing positive about Mitya’s inheritance, and confined himself to contemptuous generalities.
  • Though the doctors encouraged Katerina Ivanovna and Alyosha, it was evident that they could not yet give them positive hopes of recovery.
  • And you have made a very just remark about the mutual confidence, without which it is sometimes positively impossible to get on in cases of such importance, if the suspected party really hopes and desires to defend himself and is in a position to do so.
  • All this struck Ivan instantly; he took it all in and noted it at once—most of all the look in Smerdyakov’s eyes, positively malicious, churlish and haughty.
  • The prisoner was positively offended, he thought it almost insulting to ask him such a trivial question, and would you believe it, his resentment was genuine!
  • He wrote it from spite, and feeling certain, positively certain, that I should never show it to any one, even if he did kill him, or else he wouldn’t have written it.
  • But I was positively afraid of doing it, for you’d have thrashed me for daring to pin the Lion and the Sun on my coat, instead of, at least, the Polar Star or the Sirius.
  • When we told him that Grigory saw the door was open before he fell down, and had heard Smerdyakov behind the screen as he came out of his bedroom—Karamazov was positively crushed.
  • But before Katerina Ivanovna was called, Alyosha was examined, and he recalled a fact which seemed to furnish positive evidence against one important point made by the prosecution.
  • To Nikolay Parfenovitch’s direct question, had he noticed how much money Dmitri Fyodorovitch held in his hand, as he must have been able to see the sum better than any one when he took the note from him, Maximov, in the most positive manner, declared that there was twenty thousand.
  • I noticed that there was a sort of softness and sentimentality coming over the boy, and you know I have a positive hatred of this sheepish sentimentality, and I have had it from a baby.
  • What’s more, justice and punishment on earth positively alleviate the punishment of nature and are, indeed, essential to the soul of the criminal at such moments, as its salvation from despair.
  • What is more, he can be carried off his feet, positively carried off his feet by noble ideals, but only if they come of themselves, if they fall from heaven for him, if they need not be paid for.
  • And if there is the barest possibility of such an explanation, how can the prisoner be so positively accused of having committed murder for the sake of robbery, and of having actually carried out that robbery?
  • So, for instance, when Grigory, Fyodor Pavlovitch’s old servant, who had given the most damning piece of evidence about the open door, was examined, the counsel for the defense positively fastened upon him when his turn came to question him.
  • There are indications, too, if I am not mistaken, that you confessed this yourself to some one, I mean that the money was Katerina Ivanovna’s, and so, it’s extremely surprising to me that hitherto, that is, up to the present moment, you have made such an extraordinary secret of the fifteen hundred you say you put by, apparently connecting a feeling of positive horror with that secret….
  • They gave him to understand that the attack was an exceptional one, the fits persisting and recurring several times, so that the patient’s life was positively in danger, and it was only now, after they had applied remedies, that they could assert with confidence that the patient would survive.
  • "I don’t know on what terms you are …. since you say it so positively, I suppose she did give it to you.
  • We will tell you what to do," Nikolay Parfenovitch said, and his voice was positively peremptory, or so it seemed to Mitya.
  • In the morning as he lay down to sleep, Father Zossima had told him positively: "I shall not die without the delight of another conversation with you, beloved of my heart.
  • "I cannot positively assert," the prosecutor continued, "that the prisoner fully intended to murder his father before that incident.
  • He positively dares to make objections," the ladies babbled.
  • Because you are just like me," cried Kolya, in positive ecstasy.
  • Ici, Perezvon!" he cried with positive ferocity to the dog, and with rapid strides he went home.
  • But that morning in the cart a brilliant idea had struck him: "If she is so anxious I should not marry Katerina Ivanovna" (and he knew she was positively hysterical upon the subject) "why should she refuse me now that three thousand, just to enable me to leave Katya and get away from her for ever.
  • I didn’t say that openly to the prosecutor when I was being examined, but quite the contrary, I brought him to it by a hint, as though I didn’t see it myself, and as though he’d thought of it himself and I hadn’t prompted him; so that Mr. Prosecutor’s mouth positively watered at my suggestion."
  • When the police captain went out, Mitya was positively gay.

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found a condition or substance to be present
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greater than zero (of a number)
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