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The Brothers Karamazov
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The Brothers Karamazov
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unspecified meaning
  • My clerical opponent maintains that the Church holds a precise and defined position in the State.
  • Believe me, your reverence, I had no precise knowledge of the details that have just come to light, I was unwilling to believe them, and I learn for the first time….

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  • Precisely what he was describing in the crazy woman was suddenly repeated with Alyosha.
  • This individual was not precisely a detective but was a sort of superintendent of a whole regiment of political detectives—a rather powerful position in its own way.
  • No; he told me precisely to repeat that word.
  • I am Captain Snegiryov, sir, but I am still desirous to know precisely what has led you—
  • He wondered, for instance, why he had sat down precisely in the same place as before, why not in the other seat.
  • I don’t know precisely why, but he left the family of Yefim Petrovitch when he was hardly thirteen, entering a Moscow gymnasium, and boarding with an experienced and celebrated teacher, an old friend of Yefim Petrovitch.
  • He was the most punctual and precise of men, a man who adhered to an unchangeable routine, and habits that lasted for years.
  • … Such precision!

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  • But that is just how it is, sometimes, especially in cases like the present one, with the decisions of the most precise and phlegmatic people.
  • Do you remember that precisely?
  • "Precisely so," said Smerdyakov, softly and reasonably, watching Ivan intently, however.
  • "What do you mean by ’precisely so’?"
  • "Precisely so …." muttered Smerdyakov, with a breaking voice.
  • It seemed strange to Alyosha that he asked so confidently and precisely, about one of his brothers only—but which one?
  • Would you consent to explain what motives precisely led you to such a sentiment of hatred for your parent?
  • It is now vitally important for us to know exactly why you needed that sum, I mean precisely three thousand.
  • Be so good as to tell us precisely how you came to arm yourself with it.
  • He spoke little, and with reserve, waited to be questioned, answered precisely and deliberately.
  • Clearly, precisely, distinctly, he described the feelings that troubled him during those moments in the garden when he longed so terribly to know whether Grushenka was with his father or not.
  • Precisely.
  • His language was perhaps more irregular than Ippolit Kirillovitch’s, but he spoke without long phrases, and indeed, with more precision.
  • There is an anecdote precisely on our subject, or rather a legend, not an anecdote.
  • The crime was committed precisely according to this program, and by no other than the writer of it.
  • He fell to questioning Fenya with an extreme preciseness, astonishing in his position, and though the girl looked wildly at his blood-stained hands, she, too, with wonderful readiness and rapidity, answered every question as though eager to put the whole truth and nothing but the truth before him.
  • I would not, however, have dwelt on such trivial and irrelevant details, if this eccentric meeting of the young official with the by no means elderly widow had not subsequently turned out to be the foundation of the whole career of that practical and precise young man.
  • In the first place we have precisely on the day of the catastrophe that fit, for the genuineness of which the prosecutor, for some reason, has felt obliged to make a careful defense.
  • He told them exactly what every tap on the window meant, tapped the signals on the table, and when Nikolay Parfenovitch said that he supposed he, Mitya, had tapped the signal "Grushenka has come," when he tapped to his father, he answered precisely that he had tapped that signal, that "Grushenka had come."
  • At the first temptation—for instance, to entertain the woman with whom he had already squandered half the money—he would have unpicked his little bag and have taken out some hundred roubles, for why should he have taken back precisely half the money, that is, fifteen hundred roubles? why not fourteen hundred?
  • To be more precise: You have told us at last your secret, in your words, so ’disgraceful,’ though in reality—that is, of course, comparatively speaking—this action, that is, the appropriation of three thousand roubles belonging to some one else, and, of course, only for a time is, in my view at least, only an act of the greatest recklessness and not so disgraceful, when one takes into consideration your character….
  • "Precisely to our time," cried Fyodor Pavlovitch, "but no sign of my son, Dmitri.
  • Just now, when the prosecutor was explaining his subtle theory that only an inexperienced thief like Karamazov would have left the envelope on the floor, and not one like Smerdyakov, who would have avoided leaving a piece of evidence against himself, I thought as I listened that I was hearing something very familiar, and, would you believe it, I have heard that very argument, that very conjecture, of how Karamazov would have behaved, precisely two days before, from Smerdyakov himself.
  • (As he said "here," Dmitri struck his chest with his fist with a strange air, as though the dishonor lay precisely on his chest, in some spot, in a pocket, perhaps, or hanging round his neck.

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