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The Brothers Karamazov
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The Brothers Karamazov
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as in: feels contempt towards him Define
lack of respect -- often accompanied by a feeling of intense dislike or disgust
  • Smerdyakov stared at him, not simply with contempt, but almost with repulsion.
  • Ivan shrugged his shoulders contemptuously, and turning away stared at the road.

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  • "Soup-maker!" muttered Grigory contemptuously.
  • The forester still treated the matter contemptuously, and when he opened the window said grumpily: "It’ll be all right, now."
  • "And to think, only to think that a man’s life should be ruined for the sake of that paltry three thousand!" he cried, contemptuously.
  • "You can reckon on that," the tall Pole snapped contemptuously.
  • "Ah, he can’t sit still," said Grushenka, looking at him contemptuously.
  • "So now you can build up your tower," Mitya broke off, and again turned away from them contemptuously.
  • He hated me at that time, because he had behaved contemptibly and was running after that creature …. and because he owed me that three thousand….
  • I simply looked at him contemptuously, as though to say, ’This is how you repay all my kindness!

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  • "She’s not sixteen yet, I believe, and already offering herself," he said contemptuously, striding along the street again.
  • He only laughed contemptuously at Grigory’s evidence about the open door, and declared that it was "the devil that opened it."
  • Smerdyakov smiled contemptuously.
  • He smiled contemptuously and suddenly laughed outright.
  • Even from such a self-willed and contemptuously proud girl as she was, such an extremely frank avowal, such sacrifice, such self-immolation, seemed incredible.
  • With this idea he put on his wadded winter overcoat with its catskin fur collar, slung his satchel round his shoulder, and, regardless of his mother’s constantly reiterated entreaties that he would always put on goloshes in such cold weather, he looked at them contemptuously as he crossed the hall and went out with only his boots on.
  • Answering certain questions about Grushenka, and carried away by the loftiness of his own sentiments and his success, of which he was, of course, conscious, he went so far as to speak somewhat contemptuously of Agrafena Alexandrovna as "the kept mistress of Samsonov."
  • It’s not for you I tell it," he added contemptuously.

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  • Familiarity breeds contempt.
  • He was impolite. She pretended not to notice except that she treated him with contempt.

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  • I am not your relative and never have been, you contemptible man!
  • Immediately after the elopement Adelaida Ivanovna discerned in a flash that she had no feeling for her husband but contempt.

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  • They’re contemptuous….
  • Ah, how contemptuous!
  • Alyosha wondered, too, whether there was not some contempt on the part of the learned atheist for him—a foolish novice.
  • Miuesov was on the point of shouting, but he suddenly checked himself, and said with contempt, "You defile everything you touch."
  • Dmitri frowned painfully, and looked with unutterable contempt at his father.
  • Contempt’s no help here, brother, even if he did despise Grushenka.
  • I never dreamed that you of all people had such contempt for her!
  • But he seemed to have as much contempt for the female sex as for men; he was discreet, almost unapproachable, with them.

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  • "You are persuading me to take it, saying that it’s a sister sends it, but inwardly, in your heart won’t you feel contempt for me if I take it, eh?"
  • "No, Lise, it’s not contempt," Alyosha answered, as though he had prepared himself for the question.
  • How can it be contempt when we are all like him, when we are all just the same as he is?
  • No, Lise, I have no contempt for him.
  • He would probably have succeeded, merely from her moral fatigue and desire to get rid of him, and from the contempt and loathing he aroused by his persistent and shameless importunity.
  • He could not take offense at this contempt, if it existed; yet, with an uneasy embarrassment which he did not himself understand, he waited for his brother to come nearer to him.
  • Isn’t there in all our analysis—I mean your analysis …. no, better call it ours—aren’t we showing contempt for him, for that poor man—in analyzing his soul like this, as it were, from above, eh?
  • "Is it possible that a miserable, contemptible creature like that can worry me so much?" he wondered, with insufferable irritation.
  • It must be noted that he did not even attempt to communicate with his father, perhaps from pride, from contempt for him, or perhaps from his cool common sense, which told him that from such a father he would get no real assistance.
  • Hearing all about Adelaida Ivanovna, whom he, of course, remembered, and in whom he had at one time been interested, and learning of the existence of Mitya, he intervened, in spite of all his youthful indignation and contempt for Fyodor Pavlovitch.
  • Moreover, Alyosha brought with him something his father had never known before: a complete absence of contempt for him and an invariable kindness, a perfectly natural unaffected devotion to the old man who deserved it so little.
  • Coming at twenty to his father’s house, which was a very sink of filthy debauchery, he, chaste and pure as he was, simply withdrew in silence when to look on was unbearable, but without the slightest sign of contempt or condemnation.
  • The peasant was silently and slyly watching him, with insulting composure, and even a sort of contemptuous condescension, so Mitya fancied.
  • That rotten prosecutor has gone, too, contemptuous no doubt, it disgusts him to see me naked!
  • But the soldier is rejected with contempt, in two indecent lines, sung with absolute frankness and producing a furore in the audience.
  • From pride and contempt he submitted without a word.
  • He had, besides, noticed at that moment, he remembered afterwards, a certain involuntary proud contempt for this missive from Siberia on Grushenka’s face.
  • "You are, I see, a man of great strength of character," he said; "as you have dared to serve the truth, even when by doing so you risked incurring the contempt of all."
  • In the cultivated world the word is nowadays pronounced by some people with a jeer, and by others it is used as a term of abuse, and this contempt for the monk is growing.
  • "A new man, or a Bernard who’ll decide a la Bernard, for I believe I’m a contemptible Bernard myself," said Mitya, with a bitter grin.
  • Listen, you miserable, contemptible creature!
  • The other, younger Pole, who was staring insolently and defiantly at the company and listening to the conversation with silent contempt, still only impressed Mitya by his great height, which was in striking contrast to the Pole on the sofa.
  • All that’s base in me, all that’s mean and contemptible.
  • But even Rakitin could say nothing positive about Mitya’s inheritance, and confined himself to contemptuous generalities.
  • I believe that she was simply irritated and painfully conscious of the contemptuous and inquisitive eyes of our scandal-loving public.
  • At one moment it was angry, contemptuous and rough, and at another there was a sincere note of self-condemnation.
  • There was a note of hatred and contemptuous repulsion in her words.
  • Something cruel and contemptuous from Katya would have cut him like a knife at that moment.
  • And I began to treat him with contempt; whenever I met him I turned away or smiled sarcastically.
  • But in my soul I have a profound contempt for the classics and all that fraud….
  • Tell me, Karamazov, have you an awful contempt for me?
  • I have a contempt for you?
  • He positively disliked him; at most, felt sometimes a compassion for him, and even that was mixed with great contempt, almost repugnance.
  • The next morning he only thought of Smerdyakov and his gibes with contempt.
  • He resolved to dismiss him with contempt and forget him.
  • She was proud and could not stand contempt.
  • She was one of those people who flare up, angry and eager to retaliate, at the mere suggestion of contempt.
  • "There was nothing strange about his taking the money," sneered Grushenka, with angry contempt.
  • "My father has been murdered and they pretend they are horrified," he snarled, with furious contempt.
  • If Alyosha had said a word it would have stopped him, but Alyosha was silent and "it might be the silence of contempt," and that finally irritated Kolya.
  • When the prosecutor mentioned Rakitin’s opinion of her, a smile of contempt and anger passed over his face and he murmured rather audibly, "The Bernards!"
  • And when you came in then, and when I called to you and told him to come back, I was so enraged by the look of contempt and hatred he turned on me that—do you remember?
  • It must be noted that Kolya understood and divined what was in Dardanelov’s heart and, of course, despised him profoundly for his "feelings"; he had in the past been so tactless as to show this contempt before his mother, hinting vaguely that he knew what Dardanelov was after.
  • That was just when I was fancying you had a great contempt for me for being in such a hurry to show off, and for a moment I quite hated you for it, and began talking like a fool.
  • Yes, do you know that she might have given me that money, yes, and she would have given it, too; she’d have been certain to give it, to be revenged on me, she’d have given it to satisfy her vengeance, to show her contempt for me, for hers is an infernal nature, too, and she’s a woman of great wrath.
  • Though the boy tried not to show how he disliked it, he saw with an aching heart that his father was an object of contempt, and he was continually haunted by the memory of the "wisp of tow" and that "terrible day."
  • She left a very disagreeable impression on the public; hundreds of contemptuous eyes were fixed upon her, as she finished giving her evidence and sat down again in the court, at a good distance from Katerina Ivanovna.
  • Some idiot comes in, and you put us to shame!" cried the girl by the window, suddenly turning to her father with a disdainful and contemptuous air.
  • Was she not?" said Ivan, with uncontrolled anger and contempt.
  • "Yes, Lise, your question just now: whether we weren’t showing contempt for that poor man by dissecting his soul—that was the question of a sufferer….
  • He is a contemptible Bernard and opportunist, and he doesn’t believe in God; he took the bishop in!"

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as in: feels contempt towards him Define
lack of respect -- often accompanied by a feeling of intense dislike or disgust
as in: held in contempt of court Define
the crime of willful disobedience to or disrespect for the authority of a court or legislative body
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