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The Aeneid
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The Aeneid
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  • Again my father bids me seek the shore Of sacred Delos, and the god implore, To learn what end of woes we might expect, And to what clime our weary course direct.
  • She shall direct thy course, instruct thy mind, And teach thee how the happy shores to find.

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  • He cleaves the crowd, and, favor’d by the night, To Turnus’ friendly court directs his flight.
  • Now, when the jav’lin whizz’d along the skies, Both armies on Camilla turn’d their eyes, Directed by the sound.
  • The pious chief, who sought by peaceful ways To found his empire, and his town to raise, A hundred youths from all his train selects, And to the Latian court their course directs, (The spacious palace where their prince resides,) And all their heads with wreaths of olive hides.
  • Then Numitor from his dead brother drew Th’ ill-omen’d spear, and at the Trojan threw: Preventing fate directs the lance awry, Which, glancing, only mark’d Achates’ thigh.
  • Then, with his god possess’d, before the shrine, These words proceeded from his mouth divine: ’O goddess-born, (for Heav’n’s appointed will, With greater auspices of good than ill, Foreshows thy voyage, and thy course directs; Thy fates conspire, and Jove himself protects,) Of many things some few I shall explain, Teach thee to shun the dangers of the main, And how at length the promis’d shore to gain.
  • Nor Ismarus was wanting to the war, Directing pointed arrows from afar, And death with poison arm’d— in Lydia born, Where plenteous harvests the fat fields adorn; Where proud Pactolus floats the fruitful lands, And leaves a rich manure of golden sands.
  • The spear flew hissing thro’ the middle space, And pierc’d his throat, directed at his face; It stopp’d at once the passage of his wind, And the free soul to flitting air resign’d: His forehead was the first that struck the ground; Lifeblood and life rush’d mingled thro’ the wound.
  • …stars decree; Whom Phoebus taught unerring prophecy, From his own tripod, and his holy tree; Skill’d in the wing’d inhabitants of air, What auspices their notes and flights declare: O say— for all religious rites portend A happy voyage, and a prosp’rous end; And ev’ry power and omen of the sky Direct my course for destin’d Italy; But only dire Celaeno, from the gods, A dismal famine fatally forebodesO say what dangers I am first to shun, What toils vanquish, and what course to run.’

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  • Resolv’d at length, his pointed spear he shook; And, casting on the moon a mournful look: "Guardian of groves, and goddess of the night, Fair queen," he said, "direct my dart aright.
  • Pallas th’ encounter seeks, but, ere he throws, To Tuscan Tiber thus address’d his vows: "O sacred stream, direct my flying dart, And give to pass the proud Halesus’ heart!
  • Thus while the Trojan and Arcadian horse To Pallantean tow’rs direct their course, In long procession rank’d, the pious chief Stopp’d in the rear, and gave a vent to grief: "The public care," he said, "which war attends, Diverts our present woes, at least suspends.
  • The prince himself, with awful dread possess’d, His vows to great Apollo thus address’d: "Indulgent god, propitious pow’r to Troy, Swift to relieve, unwilling to destroy, Directed by whose hand the Dardan dart Pierc’d the proud Grecian’s only mortal part: Thus far, by fate’s decrees and thy commands, Thro’ ambient seas and thro’ devouring sands, Our exil’d crew has sought th’ Ausonian ground; And now, at length, the flying coast is found.

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To see samples from other sources, click a word sense below:
as in: walked directly to work Define
proceeding without interruption in the straightest or quickest possible manner
as in: directly above; or buy direct from Define
straight (exactly where stated; or without anything in between)
as in: was direct in my instructions Define
straightforward (clear and explicit -- perhaps also indicating openness and honesty)
as in: directed her question to Define
aim or focus
as in: directed the jury to... Define
give instructions or commands (directions that must be followed)
as in: directed the movie Define
supervise or administer (often while giving directions or orders)
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