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The Fountainhead
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  • Keating looked at him, as if his eyes still held the reflection of that one sentence—and nothing else mattered.
  • That was Peter Keating, that, the reflection in those staring pupils, and his body was only its reflection.

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  • That was Peter Keating, that, the reflection in those staring pupils, and his body was only its reflection.
  • She glanced at her own reflection in the pool: she looked more delicately austere than any among them.
  • This spared him any attempt to reach, reason or see; and it cast a nice reflection of scorn on those who made the attempt.
  • He saw splinters of his own reflection let loose like a swarm of butterflies, following him across the room, on the Chippendale cabinets, on the Jacobean chairs, on the Louis XV mantelpiece.
  • Reflections of reflections and echoes of echoes.
  • Reflections of reflections and echoes of echoes.
  • She nodded slowly to the bright little point of her cigarette’s reflection on the glass plane.
  • She saw the reflection of her next words on his face before she had pronounced them.

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  • A smear of reflection followed her on the lustrous surfaces of the pale satinwood paneling.
  • The city was like a mural designed to illuminate and complete the room: the fragile lines of spires on a black sky continued the fragile lines of the furniture; the lights glittering in distant windows threw reflections on the bare, lustrous floor; the cold precision of the angular structures outside answered the cold, inflexible grace of every object within.
  • He thought of Guy Francon’s office with the glittering butterfly reflections.
  • She grasped the sound as a reflection of her own face, of what he had seen in her face.
  • She knew that some reflection of what she had understood remained in her eyes—and she looked away from him.
  • Then he pointed to a blurred light, far to the south, a faint reflection of blue.
  • He saw its reflection touching the outline of her profile, a faint radiance on her eyelids, on the planes of her cheeks.
  • He rolled over on his stomach and looked down at the panes of glass scattered through the darkness below; they caught reflections from somewhere and looked like phosphorescent, self-generated springs of light rising out of the ground.
  • He saw her body standing before him, straight and tense, her head thrown back, her arms at her sides, palms out, as she stood for many days; but now her body was alive, so still that it seemed to tremble, saying what he had wanted to hear: a proud, reverent, enraptured surrender to a vision of her own, the right moment, the moment before the figure would sway and break, the moment touched by the reflection of what she saw.
  • She said, courteously indifferent: "Wouldn’t it be a reflection on my judgment to suppose that I would wish to reject a house you had designed, Mr. Roark?

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as in: my reflection in the mirror Define
an image (seen on a mirror or other shiny surface)
as in: lit by the reflection Define
light seen after it bounces off a surface to another; or the process of bouncing light, sound, or other energy off of a surface
as in: is a reflection of American values Define
representation, demonstration, or expression
as in: After reflection, I think... Define
careful thought -- sometimes concerning memories
as in: share my reflections about it Define
thoughts or memories
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