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The Fountainhead
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The Fountainhead
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  • It lent itself to Sunday-supplement illustrations of girls leaping into rivers, their skirts flaring well above their knees.
  • Our Mr. Parker’s son is studying architecture and we had him draw us up a sketch, just a rough sketch to illustrate what we had in mind and to show the members of the board, because they couldn’t have visualized the compromise we offered.

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  • The architect is the concrete illustration of a cosmic paradox.
  • He ran a series of illustrated articles on "The Churches of Our Childhood."
  • One story was illustrated with scientific diagrams; the other—with the picture of a loose-mouthed girl wearing a tragic expression and disarranged clothes.
  • Let me give you a simple illustration.
  • He tore it from the story it illustrated, and slipped it into his desk drawer.
  • "The incident illustrates to perfection," wrote Ellsworth Toohey, "the antisocial nature of Mr. Howard Roark’s egotism, the arrogance of the unbridled individualism which he has always personified."
  • A society woman wrote an article on the exotic shrines she had seen in her dangerous jungle travels, praised the touching faith of the savages and reproached modern man for cynicism; the Stoddard Temple, she said, was a symptom of softness and decadence; the illustration showed her in breeches, one slim foot on the neck of a dead lion.

  • There are no more uses of "illustrate" in the book.

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as in: as illustrated by this example Define
to help make clear -- typically by example
as in: an illustrated children's book Define
to draw pictures (or provide photographs) to accompany a book or other writing
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