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The Fountainhead
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The Fountainhead
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unspecified meaning
  • Peter, simpler, more direct, as honest as you can make of a dishonest thing.
  • Just ask anyone in the village to direct you.

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  • It seemed to be the first direct communication between them.
  • He piloted her through the sparse crowd, his fingers closing over her elbow once in a while, letting her catch his eyes directed at her young face more often than at the paintings.
  • There was nothing to concern him directly in what had happened, except his wish that it had been someone else, anyone but Steven Mallory; and that he didn’t know why he should wish this.
  • Sitting close to her, he turned and looked at her directly, his glance compelling like an open hint, hoping to make the silence significant between them.
  • Not through as direct a motivation as I believe you’re thinking.
  • His face had assumed the expression it was to wear for the rest of his life: not quite a smile, but a motionless look of irony directed at the whole world.
  • He thought crazily that it sounded as if Wynand held his fist closed over his voice and directed each syllable.
  • This was the way the town told her, a direct penetration which neither her clothes nor her mind could stop.

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  • Toohey entered, a cautious half-smile on his face, a smile mocking himself and his boss, but with a delicate sense of balance, sixty percent of the mockery directed at himself.
  • She acquired a permanent job by getting herself appointed Director of Social Recreation for Cortlandt.
  • If you want it said directly, as you did, now I’m happy.
  • I am still dealing with him—though not directly.
  • The Director of Social Recreation departed for Washington to discuss the matter of a Little Theater and a Meeting Hall she wished added to the next two buildings of Cortlandt.
  • The ovals were directed at Toohey.
  • She saw his eyes, direct, understanding.
  • Direct it toward a goal destructive of all integrity.
  • It was right that the city should now direct his way and that he should be moved by the pull of chance corners.
  • His glance was directed at Roark with a soft emphasis, almost with tenderness; as if he were showing that he wished to treat Roark cautiously, to spare him intact for a purpose of his own.
  • The city became a friendly sight, an abstraction with which no possible communication could be established, like the sky, a spectacle to be admired, but of no direct concern in their lives.
  • When an S.O.S. was received from a ship sinking in a storm off the Atlantic coast, Wynand himself sped to the scene with his crew, ahead of the Coast Guard; Wynand directed the rescue and brought back an exclusive story with photographs of himself climbing a ladder over raging waves, a baby in his arms.
  • Keating realized that there had been art and skill and its own kind of illogical energy in the career of Guy Francon, even if the art consisted only of his social charm and the energy was directed at snaring bewildered millionaires.
  • Ellsworth did not sneak or hide, but committed his act openly, with systematic deliberation: he walked to the tap, turned it on, stood in the middle of the lawn and directed the hose at Johnny, his aim faultless—with Johnny’s mother just a few steps behind him down the street, with his own mother and father and the visiting minister in full view on the Toohey porch.
  • A world where no man will hold a desire for himself, but will direct all his efforts to satisfy the desires of his neighbor who’ll have no desires except to satisfy the desires of the next neighbor who’ll have no desires—around the globe, Peter.
  • She stopped for red lights that hung in the air over crossings of anonymous streets in unknown suburbs, she turned corners, she passed other cars, and she was certain that no accident could happen to her tonight; her car was directed by remote control—one of those automatic rays she’d read about—was it a beacon or a radio beam?—and she only sat at the wheel.

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To see samples from other sources, click a word sense below:
as in: walked directly to work Define
proceeding without interruption in the straightest or quickest possible manner
as in: directly above; or buy direct from Define
straight (exactly where stated; or without anything in between)
as in: was direct in my instructions Define
straightforward (clear and explicit -- perhaps also indicating openness and honesty)
as in: directed her question to Define
aim or focus
as in: directed the jury to... Define
give instructions or commands (directions that must be followed)
as in: directed the movie Define
supervise or administer (often while giving directions or orders)
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