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The Fountainhead
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The Fountainhead
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  • I’m happy if it appeals to you.
  • In the deeper reality of Roark’s existence there was no consciousness of Heller, no need for Heller, no appeal, no demand.

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  • It had human appeal and social implications.
  • When he turned a glance of desperate appeal upon Toohey, Stoddard’s eyes looked like Jell-O.
  • He said that he would not appeal the case.
  • The first campaign of the Banner was an appeal for money for a charitable cause.
  • I knew that part of it would appeal to you.
  • Eve Layton looked at Toohey, silently appealing for help.
  • He appealed to Ellsworth Toohey, but Toohey was not interested.
  • He appealed to schools of journalism.

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  • I think he has sex appeal.
  • The prosecutor had agreed, telling himself that this was what happened when an amateur undertook to handle his own defense; a lawyer would have chosen the gentlest types, those most likely to respond to an appeal for mercy; Roark had chosen the hardest faces.

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as in: appealed for help Define
a request or the act of asking -- sometimes specifically that a decision be overturned
as in: appeals to youthful tastes Define
attractiveness or desirability; or to be attractive or desirable
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