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The Fountainhead
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The Fountainhead
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  • He came to Roark’s room, that night, and spread before him the plans, the elevations, the perspective of his first building.
  • He felt nothing but immense uncertainty when his sketches were ready and the delicate perspective of a white marble edifice lay, neatly finished, before him.

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  • He could not prevent his hand from cutting lines across the perspective.
  • He worked out Roark’s hasty sketch of the elevation into a neat, finished perspective.
  • It seems to mean so damn much to him that he’s lost all human perspective.
  • The cardboard displayed a water-color perspective of a gray granite mansion with three tiers of dormers, five balconies, four bays, twelve columns, one flagpole and two lions at the entrance.
  • Let us—in all matters—be faithful to this new, broader, higher perspective.
  • A matter of perspectives and relativity.
  • Roark handed him the plans of the house and a large perspective drawing.
  • We must acquire a philosophical perspective.

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  • He stared at the perspective drawings.
  • But one’s perspective widens.
  • But this is what it had really been built for—to have Roark stand at that window—and I think Gail knows it tonight—Roark’s body blocking miles out of that perspective, with only a few dots of fire and a few cubes of lighted glass left visible around the outline of his figure.

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as in: Look at it from her perspective Define
a particular way of seeing or considering things
as in: Keep it in perspective Define
a sensible view of a situation that considers its different parts in a balanced way
as in: perspective in art Define
giving a 2-dimensional picture a 3-dimensional appearance by making parts that are farther away look smaller than things that are close; or a picture drawn in such a manner
as in: a perspective of the entire block Define
a view -- often stressing that the view is different from a view from another location
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