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The Fountainhead
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The Fountainhead
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unspecified meaning
  • She wore a plain gray suit; the contrast between its tailored severity and her appearance was deliberately exorbitant—and strangely elegant.
  • He was frankly masculine, frankly unconcerned about elegance and frankly conscious of the effect.

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  • Now, I’m sure I could never manage Miss Francon, and an elegant society girl like that wouldn’t even stand for a dowdy, uneducated mother like me.
  • She watched the air of fastidious elegance around her.
  • When he saw it, Keating knew that the statue would look like a raw gash, like a smear of fire in the neat elegance of his lobby.
  • Francon had said to him about the building: "It must have dignity, you know, dignity…nothing freaky…a structure of elegance…and stay within the budget," which was Francon’s conception of giving his designer ideas and letting him work them out.
  • Somehow, tonight, he did not mind the streaks of silver that appeared on his temples; they sparkled crisply against the black of his hair and they gave him an air of cleanliness and elegance, like the rigid white of his shirt against his black evening clothes.
  • There were few, solitary guests among the white tables, so that each stood out, the empty tables serving as an elegant setting that proclaimed the guest’s exclusiveness.
  • It was not her beauty, it was not her insolent elegance.
  • The sort of thing that gives a place elegance.

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  • Her high heels stepped lightly over lime-spattered boards and she walked, leaning back, in careless, insolent elegance.
  • His legs were free to move with his usual elegance, in faultless dress trousers and patent-leather pumps.
  • He glanced at the room and noted angrily how vulgar his Victorian furniture looked beside the elegance of Dominique’s figure.
  • She had an appearance of elegance become perversion, an appearance of wise, dangerous maturity achieved by looking like a very young girl.
  • Under any clothes he wore, it gave him an air of consummate elegance.
  • He tried not to stare at the gracious elegance of Wynand’s figure across the table.
  • Her legs are too long, but that gives her the elegance of line you’ll find in a good yacht.
  • Rare passersby looked, astonished, at her air of foreign elegance.
  • The host, on this Sunday afternoon, wore a dark gray suit, correct as a uniform, and bedroom slippers of black patent leather trimmed with red; the slippers mocked the severe elegance of the suit, yet completed the elegance as an audacious anticlimax.
  • The host, on this Sunday afternoon, wore a dark gray suit, correct as a uniform, and bedroom slippers of black patent leather trimmed with red; the slippers mocked the severe elegance of the suit, yet completed the elegance as an audacious anticlimax.
  • Once at a large party an elegant drunk had asked him, with a wink declaring unmistakable intentions: "Say, do you know that gorgeous creature over there?"
  • Wynand laughed aloud, forgetting his controlled elegance, forgetting the startled glance of the waiter.
  • He held the rim of the glass under his nose and inhaled with a loose kind of sensual relish, which, at a dinner table, would have been equivalent to a loud lipsmacking, vulgar there, superlatively elegant here, over a cut-crystal edge pressed to a neat little mustache.
  • In the ludicrous folds of the pyjamas, with dark cloth bulging over a belt wound tightly, with sleeves hanging over her fingertips, she had all the poised elegance she displayed in her best hostess gown.
  • He seemed as graciously at home as in the best restaurants of the city; his elegance had an odd quality here—it did not insult the place, but seemed to transform it, like the presence of a king who never alters his manner, yet makes a palace of any house he enters.
  • His figure always carried with it all the implications of his position; the quiet elegance of his overcoat, the angle of his hat, the confidence of his posture, tense and casual together, made one think of the Wynand empire; of the presses thundering from ocean to ocean, of the papers, the lustrous magazine covers, the light rays trembling through newsreels, the wires coiling over the world, the power flowing into every palace, every capital, every secret, crucial room, day and night,…
  • The dressing gown was made of silk, bearing the trademarked pattern of Coty’s face powder, white puffs on an orange background; it looked daring and gay, supremely elegant through sheer silliness.

  • There are no more uses of "elegant" in the book.

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as in: an elegant gown Define
refined and tasteful in appearance, behavior or style
as in: as elegant equation Define
a solution that is simpler (and often more comprehensive) than most would anticipate
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