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The Fountainhead
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The Fountainhead
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  • Why did you give him such a glowing tribute yesterday?
  • But I realize—and in that spirit I accept it—that this tribute was paid not to my person, but to a principle which chance has granted me to represent in all humility tonight.

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  • The exquisite kindliness of her manner suggested that their relationship was of no possible consequence, that she could not pay him the tribute of hostility.
  • It would be the greatest tribute one could possibly expect—if it weren’t so much in the style of an operetta.
  • He had kept it, because it was the most beautiful tribute to integrity he had ever read.
  • She thought: This is the tribute to Gail, the confidence of surrender—he relaxes like a cat—and cats don’t relax except with people they like.
  • There were no sensational stories, no photographs of Roark at breakfast, no human interest, no attempts to sell a man; only a considered, gracious tribute to the greatness of an artist.
  • He looked at her hands, at her naked shoulders, but she felt as if he did not see her; he was looking at something greater than the beauty of her body, greater than his love for her; he was looking at himself—and this, she knew, was the one incomparable tribute.

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as in: a tribute to the great actor Define
praise or something done to express admiration or respect
as in: demanded they pay tribute Define
payment by one nation for protection by another;
or: payment extorted by gangsters on threat of violence

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