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The Fountainhead
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  • The buildings were not Classical, they were not Gothic, they were not Renaissance.
  • I see no purpose in doing Renaissance villas.

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  • My dear boy, the great style of the Renaissance is far from dead.
  • Then your masters of the Renaissance came along and made copies in plaster of copies in marble of copies in wood.
  • Only more Renaissance palaces and operetta settings.
  • "Renaissance" and "Miscellaneous."
  • "Gothic" looked bored and "Miscellaneous" looked discouraged in advance; "Renaissance" was following the course of a fly on the ceiling.
  • It looked like a Renaissance palace made of rubber and stretched to the height of forty stories.
  • All right, damn you, give them good Renaissance if you must and if there is such a thing!
  • The palatial residence of Mr. and Mrs. Dale Ainsworth on Riverside Drive, a pet project of Keating’s, done in Late Renaissance and gray granite, was complete at last.

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  • It was Renaissance.
  • He had chosen the style of the Renaissance because he knew the unwritten law that all architectural juries liked columns, and because he remembered Ralston Holcombe was on the jury.
  • Holcombe, who never looked in the direction of the model and never missed a guest stopping before it, slapped Keating’s shoulder and said something appropriate about young fellows learning the beauty of the style of the Renaissance.
  • It is a scientific fact that the architectural style of the Renaissance is the only one appropriate to our age.
  • It has been proved that Renaissance is the only permissible style for all churches, temples and cathedrals.
  • And if Mr. Stoddard did not specifically insist on Renaissance, he got just exactly what he deserved.
  • Gordon L. Prescott designed the semi-Renaissance cornice, and the glass-enclosed terrace projecting from the third floor.
  • Inasmuch, he pointed out, as nothing of great historical importance had happened in the world since the Renaissance, we should consider ourselves still living in that period; and all the outward forms of our existence should remain faithful to the examples of the great masters of the sixteenth century.
  • Even Ralston Holcombe had forgotten Renaissance.
  • But when you turn in this—" the Dean slammed his fist down on a sheet spread before him—"this as a Renaissance villa for your final project of the year—really, my boy, it was too much!"
  • Oh, to hell with your elevation! I don’t want to look at your damn Renaissance elevations!

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the period of European history known for a revival of intellectual and artistic achievement (14th through mid-17th centuries)
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