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The Fountainhead
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as in: legal contract Define
an agreement - typically written and enforceable by law
  • ...he signed the contract...

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  • She signed the contract.
  • A lot of people get into trouble by signing contracts they don’t understand.

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as in: the metal contracted Define
when something gets shorter or smaller
  • It had merely become distasteful; not enough to force a decision; not enough to make him clench his fists; just enough to contract his nostrils.
  • Sometimes, he was asked to show his sketches; he extended them across a desk, feeling a contraction of shame in the muscles of his hand; it was like having the clothes torn off his body, and the shame was not, that his body was exposed, but that it was exposed to indifferent eyes.

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  • Toohey lifted his head and looked at him, the faint contraction of boredom in the corners of his eyes letting Scarret understand that this moment of attention was a favor; he drawled in a tone of emphasized patience: "All right.

  • There are no more uses of "contract" identified with this meaning, but check unspecified meaning below.

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  • When it is cold, the bridge contracts and the joints are further apart.
  • The muscle is contracted because of the pain.

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unspecified meaning
  • All the papers, the files, the drawings, the contracts, everything.
  • Look, I have no idea what kind of a contract one makes with an architect and you must know, so draw up one and let my lawyer okay it this afternoon, will you?

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  • We’ve signed the contract yesterday.
  • She pressed her fingertips, wet with perfume, to the hollows of her temples, and held them there for a moment; she felt relief in the cold, contracting bite of the liquid on her skin.
  • It’s a small compromise, and when you agree to it we can sign the contract.
  • Mr. Sanborn signed the contract after Roark had explained to him in detail the kind of a house he was to expect; Mr. Sanborn had agreed to it readily, had not wished even to wait for sketches.
  • So here you’ve got me swindled too, just about almost, that is, I’ll give you a ring in a few days and we’ll have a dogfight over the contract!
  • The most important consequence of Sermons in Stone was Toohey’s contract to write a daily column for Gail Wynand’s New York Banner.
  • The contract came as a surprise to the followers of both sides involved, and, at first, it made everybody angry.
  • Toohey was the only Wynand employee who had a contract permitting him to write anything he pleased.

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  • In May he signed another contract—for his first office building, a fifty-story skyscraper in the center of Manhattan.
  • At the end of July, Roark signed a contract to build the Aquitania.
  • # Ellsworth Toohey sat in his office, looking at a newspaper spread out on his desk, at the item announcing the Aquitania contract.
  • I thought you had worked hard to prevent that contract.
  • Just hire him—don’t sign a contract, it’s not necessary—make arrangements for your bank to take care of the financial end and let him do the rest.
  • But, after all, Mr. Wynand, I have a contract.
  • When we come back, you’ll be free to return to your husband—with the contract for Stoneridge.
  • Here is the contract for Stoneridge.
  • It is in addition to what you will receive for your work under the contract.
  • He extended the contract across the desk.
  • Give me a piece of paper and I’ll write you a contract right now, stating that I will owe you a million dollars damages if I hire another sculptor or if your work is not used.
  • But it was the unstated that gave meaning to the relaxed simplicity of these hours; their eyes laughed silently at the preposterous contract whenever they looked at each other.
  • A few days after the announcement of the Aquitania contract Toohey came to see Hopton Stoddard, in the evening, in the privacy of Stoddard’s vast, overstuffed apartment on Riverside Drive.
  • # On November 3 Hopton Stoddard filed suit against Howard Roark for breach of contract and malpractice, asking damages; he asked a sum sufficient to have the Temple altered by another architect.
  • The streets were contracting, walls drawing closer together.
  • It makes everything easier—the people, the editorials, the contracts—but easier because it hurts so much.
  • There were drawings of Cameron’s famous buildings and of buildings unbuilt; there were blueprints with the thin white lines that were girders still standing somewhere; there were contracts with famous signatures; and at times, from out of the red glow, there flashed a sum of seven figures written on yellowed paper, flashed and went down, in a thin burst of sparks.
  • Since spring, he had brought to Roark’s office the contracts for a yacht club on the Hudson, an office building, two private residences.
  • All right, I see that you’re set on having me work for you, and you know you can get me, for anything you say, you don’t have to sign any million-dollar contract, look at this room, you know you’ve got me, so why shouldn’t you tell me the truth?
  • Practical men deal in bank accounts, real estate, advertising contracts and gilt-edged securities.
  • Homer Slottern, in the name of a group who called themselves the liberal businessmen, sent Wynand a notice canceling their advertising contracts.
  • He attended to advertising contracts, expenses, accounts.
  • Stoneridge was the last contract signed by the firm of Francon & Keating.
  • But it could not have been that—because he signed a contract to build the Monadnock Valley summer resort, two days later.
  • Do you want me to draw up a contract? I have no idea how you prefer to work.
  • I wish to sign a contract whereby you will be sole architect for any building I undertake to erect in the future.
  • Now don’t mention your contract or any particular clause of it.
  • He signed the advertising contract with Kream-O Pudding—for five years, on the entire Wynand chain, two full pages in every paper every Sunday.
  • Ellsworth, I’ve been thinking of dropping my contract.
  • A contract between us, stating the terms of our agreement A copy for each of us.
  • It was his contract with Roark.
  • He had flown to Chicago in a last attempt to hold a national advertiser who had refused to renew a three-million-dollar contract.
  • Buy off Harding’s contract.
  • He had a contract with his employers.
  • Your contract to design the Wynand Building.
  • This is stated in the contract.
  • If you are prepared to comply with these conditions, please read the contract and sign it.
  • He picked up his copy of the contract, folded it and put it, with a precise gesture, into his inside coat pocket.
  • Her costly contract was bought off—it had three more years to run—and she was told never to enter the Banner Building again for any purpose whatsoever.
  • You’ll have to get yourself an ironclad contract with your bosses and then fight every bureaucrat that comes along every five minutes for the next year or more.
  • Because, you see, I had decided, yes, I had absolutely and definitely decided—almost—to have this fellow Roark, in fact I told him so, in fact he’s coming over tomorrow afternoon to sign the contract, and now…Do you really think it will look like a feather boa?
  • Yes, Slottern and his bunch are willing to come back at once, all they ask is that we accept the Union’s demands, and they’ll pick up the balance of their contracts, on the old terms, even without waiting for you to rebuild circulation—which will be some job, friend, let me tell you—and I think that’s pretty white of them.
  • It was not the sight, but the greater terror of an implication grasped by his instinct: this civilized building—secure in the neatness of waxed floors, respectable with the strict grooming of modern business, a place where one dealt in such rational matters as written words and trade contracts, where one accepted ads for baby garments and chatted about golf—had become, in the span of a few days, a place where one carried bloody refuse through the halls.
  • When Keating invoked his contract, he was told: "All right, go ahead, try to sue the government.

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as in: legal contract Define
an agreement - typically written and enforceable by law
as in: contract the disease Define
to get -- especially in reference to a disease
as in: the metal contracted Define
when something gets shorter or smaller
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