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Atlas Shrugged
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Atlas Shrugged
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  • When considering an investment, we should, in my opinion, take a chance on human beings, rather than on purely material factors.
  • Isn’t that a factor which you must take into consideration?

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  • Any enlightened person knows that man is made by the material factors of his background, and that a man’s mind is shaped by his tools of production.
  • We can never tell when one such issue may he decided and what may be the decisive factor in a delicate balance.
  • "The only factors to consider are land acreage and population figures," said Dr. Ferris in a statistical voice, blowing smoke rings at the ceiling.
  • Taggart’s voice still retained a practiced smoothness, but it was the smoothness of a piece of cloth stretched tight over a broken glass object, and the sharp edges showed through once in a while: "I think it is generally conceded that the main factor affecting every railroad in the country is the unusual rate of business failures.

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as in: It was the deciding factor. Define
one of the things that influences a result or outcome
as in: factor it into your thinking Define
include consideration of
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