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Atlas Shrugged
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Atlas Shrugged
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  • His wistful eyes, his lost, helpless, appealing smile served as substitute for the shell.
  • But we appealed to a higher court-and the higher court reversed the verdict and ordered Mulligan to give us the loan on our terms.

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  • A committee of local citizens was now broadcasting appeals on the radio, begging Lawrence Hammond, wherever he was, to give them permission to reopen his plant.
  • She had an air of helpless, appealing sincerity.
  • He saw the thin branches of a tree being twisted, like arms waving in an appeal for help.
  • I quit when the court of appeals reversed my ruling.
  • And if Jim tries to hide behind the usual looters’ slogan of ’public welfare,’ I’ll go on the stand and swear that Taggart Transcontinental can’t handle the whole traffic of Colorado, And if any court rules against you, you can appeal and keep on appealing for the next ten years.
  • And if Jim tries to hide behind the usual looters’ slogan of ’public welfare,’ I’ll go on the stand and swear that Taggart Transcontinental can’t handle the whole traffic of Colorado, And if any court rules against you, you can appeal and keep on appealing for the next ten years.
  • She was looking up at him, her glance acquiring some special quality of feminine appeal by being sent from under her lowered forehead up toward his full height; she asked, a little too casually and too cautiously, "The date I had in mind was December tenth, but would you prefer the ninth or the eleventh?"
  • She saw an old woman with a ragged shawl on her shoulders and the graph of a lifetime’s struggle on the cracked skin of her face; the woman’s glance was a hopeless appeal for help.

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  • Eddie Willers asked the worker in the underground cafeteria, and added, with a smile that was an appeal, an apology and a confession of despair, "Oh, I know it’s I who’ve stayed away from here for weeks."
  • Then, almost as if he sensed that this could sound too much like an appeal for pity, he added, "I guess I just wanted to keep moving till I saw some place that looked like there might be a chance to find work there."
  • The telephone on her desk had become, not a voice of business, but an alarm siren for the desperate appeals of disaster.
  • They were the appeals for help and her only source of information.
  • Have you heard the kind of appeals they’re sending out to you every night?
  • But I’m not going to appeal to your better self.
  • Your mind is your only judge of truth-and if others dissent from your verdict, reality is the court of final appeal.
  • I came here to appeal to your conscience!
  • I’ll concede that you’re right-and all I can appeal to is your pity.
  • Here’s a petition sent by the ministers of two hundred different faiths-Here’s an appeal from the mothers of the country.
  • When she faced him at the table, when she saw the earnest, questioning directness of his eyes and the severely literal simplicity of his words, she dropped all attempts at casual prodding, she told him what she wanted to know and why, briefly, impersonally, not appealing for help or for pity, only for truth.
  • We will get John Galt!" said official broadcasts in the daytime-but at night, every hour on the hour, by a secret, official order, an appeal was sent from short-wave transmitters into the empty reaches of space: "Calling John Galt! …. Calling John Galt! …. Are you listening, John Galt? …. We wish to negotiate.
  • She knew that this was his tribute to her: he had shown no reaction to her kindness, he had seemed numbed to human value or human hope, but something within him had been reached and his response was this confession, this long, desperate cry of rebellion against injustice, held back for years, but breaking out in recognition of the first person he had met in whose hearing an appeal for justice would not be hopeless.
  • But when the place that had once been the source of the tide-New York City-rose in the distance before them, it was still extending its lights to the sky, still defying the primordial darkness, almost as if, in an ultimate effort, in a final appeal for help, it were now stretching its arms to the plane that was crossing its sky.
  • But he knew that Francisco was facing him as no one else did these days-he saw the eyes held straight to meet his, the features composed, without emotion, without defense or appeal, set to endure whatever was coming-he saw the open, unprotected look of courage-this was the face of the man he had loved, the man who had set him free of guilt-and he found himself fighting against the knowledge that this face still held him, above all else, above his month of impatience for the sight of…
  • That was why I came today-" He stopped for the briefest instant, but she did not answer the appeal and he finished with the same quiet gentleness, "Well, that was why I wanted to see the motor."

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as in: appealed for help Define
a request or the act of asking -- sometimes specifically that a decision be overturned
as in: appeals to youthful tastes Define
attractiveness or desirability; or to be attractive or desirable
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