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Atlas Shrugged
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as in: a cost estimate of $100 Define
a rough calculation or guess (based on incomplete information) of a value, quantity, or extent of something
  • "Are you saying," he asked slowly, "that I rose in your estimation when you found that I wanted you?"

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  • What is the estimate to repair the car?
  • I hope her estimate of less than $100 is good because I only have $100.

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  • The beautiful legs, slanting down from the chair's arm in the center of his vision, annoyed him; they spoiled the rest of his estimate.
  • She had asked her chief engineer to submit a design and an estimate of the cost.

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  • I've thought of a new Rearden Metal bridge, I've had my engineers give me an estimate.
  • His particular estimate of it was none of your concern or mine.
  • More valuable than any estimate I could give you.
  • The sum of the chart was an estimate of James Taggart's power.
  • She had stood there silently, watching, without interest or purpose, like a chemical compound on a photographic plate, absorbing visual shapes because they were there to be absorbed, but unable ever to form any estimate of the objects of her vision.
  • The glance was sufficient to give him an estimate of the nature of the group's concerns.
  • What effect it had on the coal mines and the public welfare is for you to estimate.
  • Your emotions are estimates of that which furthers your life or threatens it, lightning calculators giving you a sum of your profit or loss.

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  • Glancing at the paper, Rearden wondered whether it was a deliberate mockery of decency, or so low an estimate of their victims' intelligence, that had made the designers of this paper print the text across a faint drawing of the Statue of Liberty.
  • If this now makes me a disgraced woman in your eyes-let your estimate be your own concern.
  • She was startled to see him looking at her with a touch of derision, as if he were mocking her estimate of his understanding.
  • An emotion is a response to a fact of reality, an estimate dictated by your standards.
  • She kept seeing his figure in her mind-his figure as he had stood at the door of the structure-she felt nothing else, no wish, no hope, no estimate of her feeling, no name for it, no relation to herself-there was no entity such as herself, she was not a person, only a function, the function of seeing him, and the sight was its own meaning and purpose, with no further end to reach.
  • She had added wearily, "Get me an estimate on what we'll need to make our old bridge last for another five years.
  • In a moment, he said, "The actual cost of the bridge is less than our original estimate.
  • She hung up, and said to Eddie, in the tone of an estimate passed on physical objects, "They'll leave us alone for a while.

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as in: to estimate Define
to roughly calculate or guess (based on incomplete information) a value, quantity, or extent of something
as in: a cost estimate of $100 Define
a rough calculation or guess (based on incomplete information) of a value, quantity, or extent of something
as in: I'm looking at 3 estimates Define
a written description of work with the expected amount it will cost
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