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Atlas Shrugged
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Atlas Shrugged
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unspecified meaning
  • He looked like a man approaching fifty, who had crossed into age from adolescence, without the intermediate stage of youth.
  • No one paid attention to her when she approached.

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  • No, not many and not easy to approach, but there are.
  • Rearden asked, approaching him.
  • He saw lights in the windows of the living room, when he approached his house.
  • Dan Conway was approaching fifty.
  • He looked at the room; he saw no one he wished to approach.
  • That was the way she always ran when Eddie yelled, "It’s Frisco d’Anconia!" and they both flew down the hill to the car approaching on the road below.
  • They had not noticed him approach; the conversation stopped, as if slashed off; most of them had never met him, but they all recognized him at once.
  • He felt the leaden approach of that exhaustion which he never felt at his job, the exhaustion that seemed to wait for him and catch him the moment he turned to other concerns.

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  • Jim was approaching his senior year in a college in New York.
  • She heard steps approaching outside, suddenly, close to the door.
  • Dagny stood still when she saw Francisco approaching.
  • I have found that when particles are accelerated to a speed approaching the speed of light, they-
  • They were approaching Denver.
  • She knew part of the answer; she felt as if the whole answer were close and she would grasp it on some approaching day.
  • When he approached, she smiled innocently, as if unconscious of any contest intended or won.
  • She approached him slowly.
  • He approached, he took her in his arms, he kissed her mouth and held her for a long time.
  • He approached her-and stopped.
  • Lillian Rearden approached, her jewels glittering under the lights.
  • Claude Slagenhop had approached and managed to squeeze himself between Philip and Scudder, shoving Scudder aside imperceptibly.
  • He watched her as she approached, but he did not step forward to meet her.
  • A businessman whom they knew had approached, smiling at her in delighted astonishment.
  • Lillian glanced up at his face, when Rearden approached her in the midst of a group, and, without a word, stepped aside where they could not be heard.
  • James Taggart had approached the group and was waiting to be noticed.
  • Philip noticed him, approached and waved to Lillian, calling her over.
  • Lillian turned, because Rearden had approached her.
  • He approached, stopped, looked at her and smiled.
  • Ben Nealy had approached her; his thumb was pointing at Ellis Wyatt.
  • You haven’t approached him about it?
  • She saw him, she approached, and she shook his hand; her smile was like a summation of all the things they did not have to say.
  • The crossties melted, as they approached, into a smooth stream rolling down under the wheels.
  • He approached her, he grasped her shoulders and pressed his mouth to her breast through the thin cloth.
  • He approached and stopped, looking at the car.
  • He rose, approached her and took her in his arms.
  • She wanted to approach him and convince herself that she was mistaken.
  • This was the approach of an anger she could not control.
  • The crowd parted to let her approach him.
  • The track was rising through a country growing more grimly reluctant to permit approach.
  • They looked as if they knew that one may not approach you or speak in your presence or touch a fold of your dress.
  • The only consciousness the pictures left her was the feeling of the approach of some unthinkable disaster, and the feeling that she had to outrun it.
  • He had never felt it before; but he felt it here, where everyone had the right to approach her, except himself.
  • She approached him.
  • He stood looking at her across the room, refusing to let himself approach her, deliberately prolonging the pleasure of knowing that he could do it whenever he wished.
  • He approached her.
  • He approached.
  • She had seen them together and she had approached, drawn by an impulse she could not explain or resist; it seemed crucially important that she know what these two men said to each other.
  • She approached him, she stood by the side of the couch, looking down at him, the light of the lamp behind her; she did not want him to see her face and the effort she was making not to smile.
  • The first light to snap on at the approach of dusk was always the ray that hit the calendar; when the white-glowing page appeared above the roofs, it blurred the city, hastening the darkness.
  • He was crossing the room, carrying a tray with drinks requested by someone in Lillian’s group-an unbecoming act of informality which nobody had ever seen him perform-when Dagny approached him.
  • That sentence is the leper’s bell of an approaching looter.
  • He asked, approaching, "What is it?"
  • She was astonished, approaching her vestibule, to hear the sound of voices close by.
  • "What am I paying you for?" asked Ellis Wyatt, approaching; the boy chuckled, darting back to seize the lever he had abandoned for a moment.
  • The time is approaching when all of us will have to be called to live herebecause the world is falling apart so fast that it will soon be starving.
  • Has anyone approached you?
  • They all looked at her with an air of inquiring expectation, as she approached.
  • She looked at Ken Danagger as he approached them.
  • He stopped and waited to let her approach.
  • Dagny turned at her approach.
  • Rearden waited, fighting a desire to approach; not after the kind of conversation we had, he thought-what for?-what would I say to him?
  • Francisco broke off in the middle of a sentence, seeing Rearden approach and listen, and said, laughing, "Oh, I beg your pardon!"
  • That’s the trouble-that businessmen refuse to approach us in a spirit of trust and friendship.
  • Trains could not approach them through the storm.
  • It was to be hoped that events had, perhaps, taught him the wisdom of a mellower approach.
  • I would and I will, if you ever attempt to approach me again.
  • What he felt for a moment was his closest approach to a sense of his own non-existence.
  • I want you to learn that you are not to think of her, not to look at her, not to approach her.
  • He turned at the sound of her approach.
  • This is the new ideal, the goal to aim at, the purpose to live for, and all men are to be rewarded according to how close they approach it.
  • She did not hear him approach; but she felt the impact of his hands with shocking intensity, as if it were the only awareness she could now experience.
  • It was eagerness and an odd, solemn stillness, the sudden certainty that she was facing the approach of something unknown and of the gravest importance.
  • He waited until she had descended to the ground and the man with the notes had departed; then he approached her and said coldly: "Miss Taggart? I am Henry Rearden."
  • Dagny glanced up from her desk, when Rearden entered her office; he saw her watching him as he approached and he saw the look of weariness disappearing from her eyes.
  • The clangor of the train had swallowed the noise of the motor and they had not heard the approach of the car that swept out of the side road, from behind the farmhouse.
  • While we all realize, of course, that this is only temporary, still, for the moment, it has made the railroad situation approach a stage that may well be described as desperate.
  • He approached.
  • He felt a moment’s approach to that which no man may feel fully and survive: a sense of self-hatred-the more terrible because some part of him refused to accept it and made him feel guiltier.
  • They had been silent for a long time, and the hands of the dial were approaching 3:50 when the buzzer rang on the secretary’s deskthe bell from Danagger’s office, the signal of permission to enter.
  • The smiling face that approached her out of the fog was Andrew Stockton’s, and she saw a grimy hand extended to her with a gesture of confident pride, as if it held all of her moment’s vision on its palm.
  • But in the next moment, his shudder of anger told him that he would murder the man who’d attempt to approach him, he would murder before he could hear the words of the secret that would take him away from his mills.
  • But good God, Dagny!-with the peak of the harvest rush approaching-
  • The passengers of the Comet were peering out of the windows; some were descending the steps and approaching.
  • "Mr. Thompson," said Dr. Ferris sonorously, as they approached, "may I present Dr. Robert Stadler?"
  • He approached her and dropped wearily down on his knees, slipping his arms around her.
  • When he approached, she took the glass from him with a sloppily indifferent sweep of her hand.
  • The leader approached, his steps irregular like hiccoughs, and threw the door open.
  • "Will the ray screen hold out?" she asked tensely, in a tone of defensive resentment against the approach of an enemy.
  • She was seeing it so clearly that she kept wanting to approach strangers, to shake them, to laugh in their faces and to cry, "Snap out of it!"
  • We don’t know how to approach you.
  • He snapped on her desk lamp which, in forced concentration on her work, she had neglected to turn on at the approach of dusk.
  • The officer’s hand summoned one of them to approach-an unshaved civilian with a shabby overcoat thrown over his shoulders.
  • He saw me approaching-and he did not know, but I knew, what made him whirl upon me and cry, Tin so sick of all of you Impractical idealists!1 I turned away.
  • I cut off all possible avenues of approach, except one road-and it’s camouflaged beyond anyone’s power to discover-and I stocked this place to be self-supporting, so that I could live here for the rest of my life and never have to see the face of a looter.
  • Francisco approached, looking at her thoughtfully, as if weighing some question of his own, but some question that gave a sparkle of reckless gaiety to his eyes.
  • His mother stared at Rearden in reproachful bewilderment; she said nothing, but she kept bursting into tears in his presence, her manner suggesting that her tears were the most important aspect to consider in whatever disaster it was that she sensed approaching.
  • You cannot achieve it so long as you live, but the value of your life and of your person is gauged by how closely you succeed in approaching that ideal zero which is death.
  • Eddie was watching her approach as if he were seeing nothing else in the world, but his rigid posture seemed designed to pretend that he was listening to the man before him.
  • You’ll have to endure what I’ve endured and wanted to spare youyou’ll have to go on, knowing where I am, wanting me as I’ll want you, but never permitting yourself to approach me.
  • She saw Francisco’s figure approaching from some distance away; she recognized the swiftness of his walk, before she could distinguish the face under the cap pulled low over his eyes.
  • He was looking at her as he would have looked if a strange woman had approached him on the street with a personal confession-a look like the equivalent of the words: Why tell it to me?
  • No one took any notice of his existence, except a ragged old woman who stretched out her hand to him silently, as he approached the lights of the entrance; he hurried past, and only drops of sleet fell on the gnarled, naked palm.
  • She looked from his face to Francisco’s approaching figure, not hiding from herself any longer that her sudden, heavy, desolate anxiety was the fear that Galt might throw the three of them into the hopeless waste of self-sacrifice.
  • The social worker approached her and asked severely, "Are you in trouble?"-and saw one wary eye, the other hidden by a lock of hair, and the face of a wild creature who has forgotten the sound of human voices, but listens as to a distant echo, with suspicion, yet almost with hope.
  • "You’ve been torturing yourself for months," said Francisco, approaching him, "wondering what words you’d use to ask my forgiveness and whether you had the right to ask it, if you ever saw me again —but now you see that it isn’t necessary, that there’s nothing to ask or to forgive."
  • In September, a bushel of wheat had cost eleven dollars; it had cost thirty dollars in November; it had cost one hundred in December; it was now approaching the price of two hundred-while the printing presses of the government treasury were running a race with starvation, and losing.
  • On the roof of a structure above the gate, he saw, as he came closer, the slim silhouette of a man who held a gun in each hand and, from behind the protection of a chimney, kept firing at intervals down into the mob, firing swiftly and, it seemed, in two directions at once, like a sentinel protecting the approaches to the gate.
  • She glanced around her-and for one frightening moment, she thought that it was a quiet summer morning, that she was alone, lost in a region of the Rocky Mountains which no plane should ever venture to approach, and, with the last of her fuel burning away, she was looking for a plane that had never existed, in quest of a destroyer who had vanished as he always vanished; perhaps it was only his vision that had led her here to be destroyed.
  • When he approached, she stood solemnly straight and, looking at his face and at the buildings of the greatest city in the world, as at the kind of witnesses she wanted, she said slowly, her voice confident and steady: "I swear-by my life and my love of it-that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine."
  • Looking down, they could see the last convulsions: the lights of the cars were darting through the streets, like animals trapped in a maze, frantically seeking an exit, the bridges were jammed with cars, the approaches to the bridges were veins of massed headlights, glittering bottlenecks stopping all motion, and the desperate screaming of sirens reached faintly to the height of the plane.
  • One had to know how to approach Wesley, and how to keep the wrong influences away from him, and how to get Mr. Thompson interested without letting him know too much, and how to cut Chick Morrison in on it, but keep Tinky Holloway out, and how to get the right people to give a few parties for Wesley at the right time, and …. Say, Cherryl, is there any champagne in this house?
  • They approached each other, and Boyle said, his smile less soothing than usual, "I’ve delivered.
  • Approaching Lillian once more, Rearden said without anger, the contempt becoming amusement in his voice, "I didn’t know you knew that one.
  • …the moon, and in the diffused glow she could not distinguish the expressions of their faces, as she walked between them: the only expressions to perceive were the straight silhouettes of their bodies, the unbroken sound of then— steps and her own feeling that she wished to walk on and on, a feeling she could not define, except that it was neither doubt nor pain, When they approached his cabin, Francisco stopped, the gesture of his hand embracing them both as he pointed to his door.
  • The trail approached its end when she heard the pinch-lipped voice of a public relations, woman in a Washington office, saying resentfully over the telephone wire, "Well, after all, it is a matter of opinion whether wheat is essential to a nation’s welfarethere are those of more progressive views who feel that the soybean is, perhaps, of far greater value"-and then, by noon, she stood in the middle of her office, knowing that the freight cars intended for the wheat of Minnesota had…
  • He saw a leering, mindless face with a mouth hung loose in a joyless chuckle, and a club in a rising fist-he heard the sound of running steps approaching from another direction, he attempted to turn his head, then the club crashed down on his skull from behind-and in the moment of splitting darkness, when he wavered, refusing to believe it, then felt himself going down, he felt a strong, protective arm seizing him and breaking his fall, he heard a gun exploding an inch above his ear,…
  • Don’t try to open that door, Miss Taggart" He approached her, his steps a shade too slow, as if stressing his knowledge of her awareness of every step.
  • She waited till he had finished, then she approached him, extended her credentials and said quietly, to the gaping stare of his eyes, "I’m Dagny Taggart.
  • [ wouldn’t approach him.
  • He cannot approach his fellow men except in one of two disgraceful roles: he is both a beggar and a sucker.

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as in: approached the city Define
to come near or nearer
as in: use the best approach Define
a way of doing something; or a rout that leads to a particular place
as in: approached her with the proposal Define
to speak with someone about something for the first time -- such as a proposal -- often something discussed in a delicate, tentative way
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