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Atlas Shrugged
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Atlas Shrugged
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as in: contrast their writing styles Define
point to differences between; or compare to show differences
  • Her arms looked conspicuously bare by contrast.
  • Its long bands of windows were unbroken, in contrast to those of its neighbors.

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  • It’s my …. What are you laughing at?" he asked, seeing the look of relief, of silent laughter that did not seem to be directed at his words-and then, before she answered, he smiled suddenly, as if he had guessed the answer, she saw some particular, intensely personal quality in his smile, which was almost a quality of insolent intimacy-in contrast to the calmly impersonal, casual manner with which he went on.

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  • Contrast winter in Panama with winter in Alaska.
  • Contrast typical underlying beliefs of pro-life and pro-choice supporters.

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unspecified meaning
  • Mrs. Taggart had expected her to look like a preposterous contrast.
  • He was not conscious of it, he was looking off into some grim distance, but she felt certain that the action was a relief to him, perhaps as a contrast.

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  • Watching him in the crowd, she realized the contrast for the first time.
  • I think of the contrast, all over the rest of the Taggart system.
  • It was the contrast he liked-the severity of her clothes and the half-naked body, the railroad executive who was a woman he owned.
  • Its style of indolent luxury, of velvet drapes, sculptured panels and candlelight, seemed a deliberate contrast to its function: no one could afford its hospitality except men who came to New York on business, to settle transactions involving the world.
  • The huge blanket of fur made her look like a child bundled for a snowstorm; the luxurious texture transformed the innocence of the awkward bundle into the elegance of a perversely intentional contrast: into a look of stressed sensuality.
  • The huge hoop skirt of the wedding gown brushed against the walls when she moved, her slender figure swaying above the skirt in the dramatic contrast of a tight, severe, long-sleeved bodice; the gown had been made by the best designer in the city.
  • By some dim sense of contrast, which he did not define, the thought of his family was replaced by the thought of his encounter with the Wet Nurse, the Washington boy of his mills.
  • "Mr. Clarence ’Chick’ Morrison …. Admiral Homer Dawley …. Mr.-" She looked at the faces around her, wondering: Did they see the contrast?

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  • She looked like a schoolgirl, with the tailored collar of a pale blue nightgown lying severely high at the base of her throat; the nightgown’s front was a deliberate contrast to the severity, a spread of pale blue embroidery that looked luxuriously adult and feminine.
  • Then she felt a stab of desolate loneliness, much wider a loneliness than the span of an empty streetand a stab of anger at herself, at the preposterous contrast between her appearance and the context of this night and age.
  • …courage of a new thought, could he give up the world to those others?-so long as he could find a single sight to give him a life-restoring shot of admiration, could he believe that the world belonged to the sores, the moans and the guns?-the men who invented motors did exist, he would never doubt their reality, it was his vision of them that had made the contrast-unbearable, so that even the loathing was the tribute of his loyalty to them and to that world which was theirs and his.
  • Part of the intensity of her relief-she thought, as she walked silently by his side-was the shock of a contrast: she had seen, with the sudden, immediate vividness of sensory perception, an exact picture of what the code of self-sacrifice would have meant, if enacted by the three of them.
  • It was his hand that opened the door, but the sudden contrast of light and sound made it seem as if the door were flung open by an explosion: the light came from three hundred bulbs in the blazing chandeliers of the grand ballroom of the Wayne-Falkland Hotel; the sound was the applause of five hundred people.

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as in: contrast their writing styles Define
point to differences between; or compare to show differences
as in: there is a contrast Define
a difference -- especially a notable difference; or the side-x-side arrangement of things that draws attention to an unmissable difference
as in: it is a contrast Define
something noticeably different (compared to something else or to other things)
as in: sharpen the picture contrast Define
the difference between tones of an image -- as in a photo or video -- such as the quality of brightness or the intensity of shades or colors
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