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Atlas Shrugged
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Atlas Shrugged
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  • This is the capital of the Renaissance.
  • The Second Renaissance-not of oil paintings and cathedrals-but of oil derricks, power plants, and motors made of Rearden Metal.

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  • I’m going to expand the mills-and if she can give me three-day freight service to Colorado, I’ll give you a race for who’s going to be the capital of the Renaissance!
  • But there’s to be a Second Renaissance in the world.
  • There were no superfluous objects, but she noticed a small canvas by a great master of the Renaissance, worth a fortune, she noticed an Oriental rug of a texture and color that belonged under glass in a museum.
  • …the supporter of his own destroyers, the provider of their food and of their weapons-Ellis Wyatt being choked, with his own bright energy turned against him as the noose-Ellis Wyatt, who had wanted to tap an unlimited source of shale oil and who spoke of a Second Renaissance…… She sat bent over, her head on her arms, slumped at the, ledge of the window-while the great curves of the green-blue rail, the mountains, the valleys, the new towns of Colorado went by in the darkness, unseen.

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a revival of learning and culture -- especially in the arts
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the period of European history known for a revival of intellectual and artistic achievement (14th through mid-17th centuries)
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