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Atlas Shrugged
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  • I appreciate our childhood friendship, Eddie, but do you think that that should entitle you to walk in here unannounced whenever you wish?
  • He smiled, in open appreciation, acknowledging the strength she had needed to say it.

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  • It’s no use trying to do things for you, you don’t appreciate it.
  • But, darling, I do appreciate it.
  • "Oh," said Philip, then added, "We’ll appreciate it very much."
  • This is when one should appreciate the meaning of being a man.
  • Do they notice or appreciate a person of finer sensibility?
  • The rewards I got were not of a kind that people of your class, Miss Taggart, would appreciate.
  • Mr. Hunsacker, I will appreciate it very much if you will give me the information I need about the factory.
  • I will appreciate any help you may care to give me, Dr. Stadler.

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  • She did not trust the useless young men of the Taggart research staff; there were only two engineers of talent among them, who could appreciate her discovery.
  • I appreciate it.
  • It is proper, it is noble that he should have endured suffering, injustice, abuse at the hands of his brothers-in order to enrich their lives and teach them to appreciate the beauty of great music.
  • Unless, of course, it’s a tiara of a non-material order, such as your appreciation.
  • Have I failed to appreciate your friendship, Lillian?
  • I can’t tell you how thoroughly I appreciate it.
  • In a few years, you’ll be ready to appreciate and to run d’Anconia Copper.
  • I appreciate your coming to Washington to help us out.
  • I must say to all of you that I appreciate your coming here and giving us the benefit of your opinions.
  • I know that your health required a long rest and I appreciate the patriotism that made you cut your leave of absence short in this terrible emergency.
  • He would appreciate it.
  • They’ll appreciate it.
  • But she would appreciate that better than I, since she worships expertness of any kind and since she has probably been laid by every section hand on her railroad!
  • I appreciate it.
  • Which makes me appreciate it all the more that you did come, Dr. Stadler.
  • Well, here was a gadget which some people in power could fully appreciate.
  • I felt certain that you would appreciate it.
  • It is a …. a new national setup that went into effect three weeks ago, which you will appreciate and approve of and find extremely practical.
  • If you had, you would have learned to appreciate Dr. Pritchett’s philosophy.
  • But you didn’t have the humility to appreciate it.
  • He saw the swift, involuntary look of eagerness on her face, the look of a competent person’s appreciation; he smiled, glanced at her companion and said softly, "You know, Miss Taggart, when it comes to the John Galt Line-maybe it’s I who’ve followed it and you who’re betraying it."
  • I intended to cut into your business and squeeze you to the wall and drive you out, if necessary," He chuckled faintly; it was appreciation.
  • …but now, for the first time, it was not the attention of ridicule, but of admiration-she was sought after, on her own merit, she was Mrs. Taggart, she had ceased being an object of charity weighing Jim down, painfully tolerated for his sake-she was laughing gaily and seeing the smiles of response, of appreciation on the faces around her-and she kept glancing at him across the room, radiantly, like a child handing him a report card with a perfect score, begging him to be proud of her.
  • Then Eubank completed his sentence: "-but you, Mr. Taggart, would know that a man who lives on a higher plane cannot be understood or appreciated.
  • It’s the wooden shoe that does it," said Philip, bending his head sidewise to study it in a manner of critical appreciation.
  • Sure, I knew there was a lot of cowardice there, and envy and hypocrisy, but I thought that that was only the surface-now, when I’ve proved my case, when I’ve proved it so loudly!-I thought their real motive for inviting me was their appreciation of the Metal, and-" She smiled in the brief space of his pause; she knew the sentence he had stopped himself from uttering: " and for that, I would forgive anyone anything."

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as in: I appreciate her efforts. Define
to recognize the value or importance of and/or: to be grateful for
as in: I appreciate the complexities Define
to understand a situation-often one with important complications
as in: We hope our home will appreciate Define
to increase in value
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