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  • ’Subito, subito,’ he taunted her tenderly.
  • Major Sanderson smiled tauntingly and wrote ’Dunbar’ on his pad.
  • ’Exactly,’ agreed the old man pleasantly, with a hint of taunting amusement.
  • ’Here,’ she taunted him sardonically, biting on her lip to still a delicate tremor.
  • He was almost certain now that Colonel Korn remembered and that calling him Father with a look of such bland innocence was just another one of Colonel Korn’s methods of taunting him because he was only an Anabaptist.
  • Two figures leaped up in silhouette when they heard him and fled into the night with taunting laughter before he could get there.
  • ’Oh, it will be a lot easier than you think,’ Colonel Korn taunted in return, undismayed by Yossarian’s barb.
  • Hungry Joe was hardly around, and the only other person who ever spoke to him was Captain Black, who called him ’Old Blood and Guts’ in a merry, taunting voice each time he hailed him and who came back from Rome toward the end of the week to tell him Nately’s whore was gone.

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  • She used Twitter to taunt the opposing candidate.
  • Don’t let their taunts get to you.

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