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  • Actually, he was a very warm, compassionate man who never stopped feeling sorry for himself.
  • Yossarian inquired compassionately.
  • The chaplain’s wife was intuitive, gentle, compassionate and responsive.
  • Yossarian swore at Aarfy again and continued searching intently, cold with a compassionate kind of fear now for the little bouncy and bizarre buck-toothed tentmate who had smashed Appleby’s forehead open with a ping-pong racket and who was scaring the daylights out of Yossarian once again.
  • The chaplain was moved almost to tears by the harassed, bedraggled picture the captain presented, and he filled with deference and compassion at the thought of the many severe rigors the poor man had to endure daily.
  • Yossarian felt a flood of compassion sweep over him.
  • ’Aarfy, they’re coming for you,’ he said in a flood of compassion, shouting to be heard above the noise.
  • ’You poor bastards,’ Chief White Halfoat murmured compassionately after a few moments had passed.

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  • If I see one hungry child, I feel compassion, but when I hear of a million hungry children, I’m overwhelmed and turn my mind to other things.
  • It is not enough to be compassionate. We must act. It is not enough to act. We must act with intelligence.

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