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  • ’For how long?’ mocked the profane old man with a gleam of malicious elation.
  • ’I don’t know,’ confessed Clevinger, with a trace of mock concern.
  • Aarfy sneered with mock surprise.
  • Yossarian hauled himself over onto his side and shook his head in solemn mockery.
  • Colonel Korn inquired with sarcastic seriousness, mocking Colonel Cathcart.
  • ’What would you do if I did try to stop you?’ he asked with rueful mockery.
  • ’He doesn’t even believe there are atheists in foxholes,’ the colonel mocked, and nudged the chaplain in the ribs familiarly.
  • Yossarian laughed mockingly, and Major Danby, despite his blushing discomfort, leaned back with relief, as though welcoming the respite Yossarian’s changing mood promised.
  • …of Rome, where he was wounded in the eye by a flower fired at him from close range by a seedy, cackling, intoxicated old man, who, like Satan himself, had then bounded up on Major — de Coverley’s car with malicious glee, seized him roughly and contemptuously by his venerable white head and kissed him mockingly on each cheek with a mouth reeking with sour fumes of wine, cheese and garlic, before dropping back into the joyous celebrating throngs with a hollow, dry, excoriating laugh.

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  • I will not permit the defendant to make a mockery of this trial.
  • Abuses at Abu Ghraib made a mockery of American idealism.

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