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  • He wondered if he were suffering from malaria, or, worse, from an overdose of Atabrine tablets.
  • His system was sturdy enough to survive a case of someone else’s malaria or influenza with scarcely any discomfort at all.
  • ’That’s what I mean,’ the warrant officer with malaria continued.
  • Who can explain malaria as a consequence of fornication?
  • ’But I’ve still got somebody else’s malaria.
  • ’Now, if we can just find out who my malaria belongs to we’d be all set.
  • It’s not that I’ve got anything against malaria.
  • I’d just as soon goldbrick with malaria as with anything else.
  • Why should I have somebody else’s malaria and you have my dose of clap?’
  • But malaria?
  • Malaria?
  • If you want to catch malaria, I guess it’s your business, isn’t it?’
  • In the bed on Yossarian’s right, still lying amorously on his belly, was the startled captain with malaria in his blood and a mosquito bite on his ass.
  • ’I wonder what he did to deserve it,’ the warrant officer with malaria and a mosquito bite on his ass lamented after Nurse Cramer had read her thermometer and discovered that the soldier in white was dead.

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  • Malaria is one of the areas of focus for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
  • fell ill with malaria and nothing the healer concocted saved him.
    Alice Walker  --  The Color Purple

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