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  • "Catch-22?" inquired Yossarian.
  • ’Nathaniel who?’ inquired Yossarian innocently.
  • May I inquire,’ he whispered softly, ’if that is Lieutenant Dunbar?
  • Doc Daneeka inquired of Yossarian without looking up.
  • Colonel Cargill decided to inquire while he had ex-P.
  • They all knew he was a C.I.D. man because he kept inquiring about an officer named Irving or Washington and because after his first day there he wouldn’t censor letters.
  • ’How come he doesn’t know it?’ inquired Yossarian.
  • Major Metcalf inquired coldly.
  • What did you mean,’ he inquired slowly, ’when you said we couldn’t punish you?
  • F.C. Wintergreen inquired.
  • Colonel Korn inquired with curiosity.
  • Chief White Halfoat inquired in a hushed voice.
  • Luciana inquired with a blank look.
  • Yossarian inquired compassionately.
  • ’How do you manage to keep up on so many diseases like that?’ he inquired with high professional esteem.
  • ’Then why pick meningitis?’ inquired a major with a suave chuckle.
  • ’Is that a fact?’ he inquired, his rage tamed by curiosity.
  • Yossarian inquired with laughing amazement and admiration.
  • ’What’s artichoke?’ he inquired.
  • ’Do you know him?’ inquired the old man with delight.
  • ’Why do you live in the woods if you belong to the squadron?’ the chaplain inquired curiously.
  • Colonel Cathcart inquired, blinking.
  • ’You’ve got a chaplain who’s a lieutenant colonel?’ inquired General Dreedle with amazement.
  • ’What kind of fish?’ the doctor inquired sternly of Yossarian.
  • ’You don’t like sea gulls, do you?’ inquired Yossarian.
  • Major Sanderson inquired with friendly interest.
  • ’Why can’t they hook the two jars up to each other and eliminate the middleman?’ the artillery captain with whom Yossarian had stopped playing chess inquired.
  • He had stopped at the operations tent to inquire the way to the orderly-room tent and had been sent right into action because so many men had completed the thirty-five missions required then that Captain Piltchard and Captain Wren were finding it difficult to assemble the number of crews specified by Group.
  • The fear flowed everywhere, into Dunbar’s squadron, where Dunbar poked his head inquiringly through the entrance of the medical tent there one twilight and spoke respectfully to the blurred outline of Dr. Stubbs, who was sitting in the dense shadows inside before a bottle of whiskey and a bell jar filled with purified drinking water.
  • He left his flak suit and parachute there and crossed back past the water wagon to the intelligence tent to return his map case to Captain Black, who sat drowsing in his chair with his skinny long legs up on his desk and inquired with indifferent curiosity why Yossarian’s plane had turned back.
  • Just why do you think,’ carefully inquired Major Sanderson, the soft and thickset smiling staff psychiatrist to whom the colonel had ordered Yossarian sent, ’that Colonel Ferredge finds your dream disgusting?
  • ’Gone,’ she moaned before he could even inquire.
  • ’What parades?’ inquired General Peckem with a feeling that his polish just wasn’t getting across.
  • ’What’s the trouble?’ inquired Colonel Korn, moving leisurely across the briefing room with his hands in his pockets and his tan shirt baggy.
  • Colonel Cathcart inquired, after he had driven up for the full briefing with General Peckem and Colonel Scheisskopf.
  • ’Perche no?’ she inquired.
  • ’Perche?’ she inquired curiously.
  • ’It does?’ inquired Colonel Cathcart with mild wonder.
  • ’Suspicious?’ inquired the chaplain in a kind of innocent daze.
  • ’Chaplain, aren’t you stretching things a bit far now?’ he inquired with a smile that was indulgent and unfriendly.
  • ’Aren’t you even going to punish me?’ he inquired with querulous surprise.
  • ’Would it be any less terrible if they had all been new men?’ he inquired caustically.
  • ’General Scheisskopf?’ he inquired unsuspectingly of the sergeant in his new office who brought him word of the order that had come in that morning.
  • Hungry Joe inquired hesitantly after a while.
  • Milo inquired with keen interest, his rust-colored eyebrows arching avidly and his nostrils sniffing.
  • Colonel Korn inquired with sarcastic seriousness, mocking Colonel Cathcart.
  • Colonel Korn inquired with ironical tranquillity.
  • Aarfy looked puzzled when Yossarian inquired why he was not in jail.
  • ’But why wouldn’t they?’ inquired Major Danby, blinking with astonishment.
  • Yossarian inquired of him seriously.
  • ’Why?’ inquired the chaplain sharply.
  • Have you ever,’ he inquired hesitantly of Yossarian that day in his tent as Yossarian sat holding in both hands the warm bottle of Coca-Cola with which the chaplain had been able to solace him, ’been in a situation which you felt you had been in before, even though you knew you were experiencing it for the first time?
  • Yossarian and Orr soaked their rancid, unfriendly bodies pink in a steaming-hot tub and then went from the hotel with Milo to eat shrimp cocktails and filet mignon in a very fine restaurant with a stock ticker in the lobby that happened to be clicking out the latest quotation for Egyptian cotton when Milo inquired of the captain of waiters what kind of machine it was.
  • After a while he realized that he was staring at rows and rows of bushels of red plum tomatoes and grew so intrigued by the question of what bushels brimming with red plum tomatoes were doing in a group commander’s office that he forgot completely about the discussion of prayer meetings until Colonel Cathcart, in a genial digression, inquired: ’Would you like to buy some, Chaplain?
  • ’That’s right, you bastards, Bologna,’ he kept repeating to all the bombardiers who inquired incredulously if they were really going to Bologna.

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  • Students should contact our office to inquire about scholarship opportunities.
  • I am here to inquire about the job.

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