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  • ’Thirty dollars each?’ remarked Aarfy slowly, poking and patting each of the three strapping girls skeptically with the air of a grudging connoisseur.
  • ’I’m not so crazy about breaded veal cutlets,’ grumbled the skeptical B-25 commander in the north of Corsica.
  • He was pinched perspinngly in the epistemological dilemma of the skeptic, unable to accept solutions to problems he was unwilling to dismiss as unsolvable.
  • He curled his lip skeptically at Dunbar’s bit of news and slept on it fitfully for a day or two, then woke up while the nurses were elsewhere and eased himself out of bed to see for himself.
  • Yossarian rejected the advice with a skeptical shake of his head.

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  • I am skeptical about her plan.
  • She is skeptical any time someone says it is important she pay them a lot for a car repair.

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