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retort -- as in: quick retort
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  • Doc Daneeka retorted with annoyance.
  • ’I’d rather have peanut brittle crumbs on my face than flies in my eyes,’ Havermeyer retorted.
  • F.C. Wintergreen retorted.
  • ’I’m talking about flagellation,’ Lieutenant Engle retorted.
  • ’The enemy,’ retorted Yossarian with weighted precision, ’is anybody who’s going to get you killed, no matter which side he’s on, and that includes Colonel Cathcart.
  • ’And a very good idea it was, too,’ retorted Colonel Korn, ’since it eliminated that superfluous major that’s been giving you such an awful black eye as an administrator.
  • ’He thinks he knows everything,’ Colonel Moodus would retort in a sulking tone to his own audience at the other end of the bar.
  • Doc Daneeka retorted with a sneer.
  • ’It’s not my business to save lives,’ Doc Daneeka retorted sullenly.
  • ’Because I’m a meningitis man, that’s why, and not an acute-nephritis man,’ retorted the colonel.
  • ’I don’t see why you have to shout at me,’ Corporal Whitcomb retorted with an injured look.
  • ’You told us to go with them,’ Yossarian retorted accusingly.
  • ’Because it’s better to die on one’s feet than live on one’s knees,’ Nately retorted with triumphant and lofty conviction.
  • ’And I’ve got an official Army record here to prove it,’ Major Sanderson retorted.
  • Milo retorted furiously.
  • Nurse Cramer retorted.
  • Major Danby started to retort with proud spirit and came to an abrupt stop, his half-opened jaw swinging closed dumbly.
  • ’I don’t know anything about writing,’ Colonel Scheisskopf retorted sullenly.
  • ’Then you signed your name in somebody else’s handwriting again,’ the colonel retorted with a shrug.
  • ’No, it’s your fault for refusing to fly them,’ Colonel Korn retorted.
  • ’I haven’t been doing any calculating,’ Yossarian retorted.
  • ’That’s what that kind detective said before he decided to jab his thumb into my wound,’ Yossarian retorted sarcastically.

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  • She wanted to retort that he that he sounded more foolish than he looked, but she made herself count to ten and thought better of it.
  • She retorted, "Takes one to know one."

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