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  • It was an odious, alien, distasteful name, that just did not inspire confidence.
  • Actually, he had risen already to ex-corporal, having shot through the ranks shortly after his transfer to Twenty-seventh Air Force Headquarters as a mail clerk and been busted right down to private for making odious audible comparisons about the commissioned officers for whom he worked.
  • Those who spied drops of him on their limbs or torsos drew back with terror and revulsion, as though trying to shrink away from their own odious skins.
  • It really is odious and certainly will offend your conscience.
  • Odious,’ Colonel Korn agreed amiably, and waited, watching Yossarian patiently with a glimmer of private delight.
  • Odious,’ Yossarian answered, staring up woodenly at the ceiling with just the back of his head resting on the pillow.
  • I think "odious" is the word we decided on.
  • Danby, don’t you think it’s odious?
  • ’Yes, I suppose it is odious,’ he conceded with reluctance.
  • It’s an odious deal.’

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  • Though they think the country’s government is odious, they’re unwilling to help topple it for fear of the consequences.
  • The sight of me is odious in their eyes;
    Shakespeare, William  --  King Henry VI, Part 2

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