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  • Parades were so martial.
  • You’ll be lucky if we don’t give you a court-martial.
  • Do you think they’ll court-martial you for desertion in the face of the enemy?
  • I heard them say they were going to threaten to court-martial you for deserting in the face of the enemy.
  • Do you think they will try to court-martial you?
  • Will they court-martial you?
  • I should have given him a court-martial after he loused up that Ferrara mission and went around twice.
  • It’s that or a court-martial.
  • You can’t court-martial me for desertion in the face of the enemy.
  • But we can court-martial you now for desertion from duty, since you went to Rome without a pass.
  • We will court-martial you if you turn our deal down, even though it would raise a lot of questions and be a terrible black eye for Colonel Cathcart.
  • It’s that or a court-martial.
  • It’s that or a court-martial, Chaplain.
  • Because if you don’t go through with the deal, they’re going to institute court-martial proceedings as soon as you sign out of the hospital.’
  • They’d certainly look silly trying to court-martial me after that.’
  • But I certainly wouldn’t let them court-martial me.
  • ’Yossarian,’ he replied, ’it will help nobody if you force Colonel Cathcart to court-martial you and prove you guilty of all the crimes with which you’ll be charged.
  • 30 DUNBAR Yossarian no longer gave a damn where his bombs fell, although he did not go as far as Dunbar, who dropped his bombs hundreds of yards past the village and would face a court-martial if it could ever be shown he had done it deliberately.
  • They did not want to court-martial him for desertion in the face of the enemy because a hundred and thirty-five miles away from the enemy could hardly be called the face of the enemy, and because Yossarian was the one who had finally knocked down the bridge at Ferrara by going around twice over the target and killing Kraft — he was always almost forgetting Kraft when he counted the dead men he knew.
  • When such misgivings assailed Colonel Cathcart, he choked back a sob and wanted to throw the damned thing away, but he was restrained by his unswerving conviction that the cigarette holder never failed to embellish his masculine, martial physique with a high gloss of sophisticated heroism that illuminated him to dazzling advantage among all the other full colonels in the American Army with whom he was in competition.

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  • declared martial law
  • studies the martial arts

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