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  • He greeted Milo jovially each time they met and, in an excess of contrite generosity, impulsively recommended Major Major for promotion.
  • It was an act of impulsive frivolity and rebellion for which he knew afterward he would be punished severely.
  • The chaplain stepped forward impulsively to remonstrate.
  • It was a daring, impulsive move on which the chaplain decided after quarreling with Corporal Whitcomb again and washing down with tepid canteen water his joyless lunch of Milky Way and Baby Ruth.
  • Yossarian yelled, and bounded forward impulsively to intercept him.
  • He bent forward impulsively with awkward solicitude.

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  • letting him borrow her car was an impulsive act that she immediately regretted
  • He is young and impulsive.

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