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  • ’Now I will let you sleep with me,’ she explained cautiously in a manner of apprehensive indulgence.
  • He glanced back apprehensively, half expecting to find the limp white things crawling after him in sightless pursuit or snaking up through the treetops in a writhing and ungovernable mutative mass.
  • Major Danby asked apprehensively when the chaplain had shot from the room.
  • He was flattered and apprehensive, certain that some severe official would soon appear and throw the whole lot of them out like a pack of bums.
  • People stared at him strangely, making him more apprehensive.
  • The nasty, small, gloating smile with which she glanced back at the laboring old woman was both wicked and apprehensive.
  • He poured envelope after envelope of the white crystalline powder into the bloody oval wound until nothing red could be seen and then drew a deep, apprehensive breath, steeling himself with gritted teeth as he touched his bare hand to the dangling shreds of drying flesh to tuck them up inside the wound.

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  • She is apprehensive about her new job.
  • She is apprehensive about finals.

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