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The Brothers Karamazov
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The Brothers Karamazov
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  • He must have been with the Jesuits, somewhere, Ivan.
  • Oh, you stinking Jesuit, who taught you?
  • "Get along with you, Jesuits!" he cried to the servants.
  • What do you say to that, my fine Jesuit?
  • That’s how they speak and write too—the Jesuits, at any rate.
  • _ He’s a Jesuit, a Russian one, that is.
  • That’s Rome, and not even the whole of Rome, it’s false—those are the worst of the Catholics, the Inquisitors, the Jesuits!
  • We know the Jesuits, they are spoken ill of, but surely they are not what you describe?
  • I ask you why your Jesuits and Inquisitors have united simply for vile material gain?
  • Surely you don’t suppose I am going straight off to the Jesuits, to join the men who are correcting His work?
  • More than that, one such standing at the head is enough to create the actual leading idea of the Roman Church with all its armies and Jesuits, its highest idea.
  • As an afflicted marquis observed not long ago (he must have been treated by a specialist) in confession to his spiritual father—a Jesuit.
  • That’s how the Jesuits talk, isn’t it?
  • But I swear that’s the genuine Jesuit casuistry and I swear that it all happened word for word as I’ve told you.
  • Those Jesuit confessionals are really my most delightful diversion at melancholy moments.

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  • The University of Detroit Jesuit High School and Academy is an outstanding college-prep school.
  • He is a Jesuit professor of theology at Georgetown University.

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