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The Brothers Karamazov
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The Brothers Karamazov
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  • You have come to me and despised me in my own house.
  • No, brother, he doesn’t despise her.
  • Worse still with Alyosha, he despises Alyosha.
  • Since he has openly abandoned his betrothed for her, he doesn’t despise her.
  • Contempt’s no help here, brother, even if he did despise Grushenka.
  • On the contrary, he was conceited and seemed to despise everybody.
  • He felt that he ought to have disdained that despicable wretch, Fyodor Pavlovitch, too much to have been upset by him in Father Zossima’s cell, and so to have forgotten himself.
  • Alyosha doesn’t despise me.
  • Alyosha, don’t despise me, and if I’ve done something very horrid and wounded you, forgive me.
  • Don’t despise me for that, sir, in Russia men who drink are the best.
  • You despise me.
  • But that is just his torment, to rise up to the Lord without ever having loved, to be brought close to those who have loved when he has despised their love.
  • ’He despises me,’ I thought; ’he won’t even look at me.’
  • Wait a bit, don’t despise me too much.
  • I’ve kept thinking ’how any one like that must despise a nasty thing like me.’
  • So you despise me now for those twenty-five roubles?
  • At the sight of Grushenka, Mitya’s jealousy vanished, and, for an instant he became trustful and generous, and positively despised himself for his evil feelings.
  • Already the merchant grows more and more eager for rank, and strives to show himself cultured though he has not a trace of culture, and to this end meanly despises his old traditions, and is even ashamed of the faith of his fathers.
  • She had been firmly convinced, perhaps ever since that bow, that the simple-hearted Mitya, who even then adored her, was laughing at her and despising her.
  • All were clothed, while he was naked, and strange to say, when he was undressed he felt somehow guilty in their presence, and was almost ready to believe himself that he was inferior to them, and that now they had a perfect right to despise him.
  • And the vain boy began by degrees to have a rankling fear that Alyosha was silent because he despised him, and thought he was showing off before him.
  • When he went out laughing, I felt that it was nice to be despised.
  • The child with fingers cut off is nice, and to be despised is nice….
  • I was lying against my honor and my conscience, but I wanted to save him, for he has hated and despised me so!
  • No, she had not intentionally slandered him when she cried that Mitya despised her for her bowing down to him!
  • But I am convinced now that you don’t despise me; it was all my imagination.
  • You do despise me, though!
  • Tell me, tell me, Alyosha, did he despise me or not?
  • "He doesn’t despise any one," Alyosha went on.
  • I despise your opinion, I despise your horror!’
  • I despise your opinion, I despise your horror!’
  • Even Lise will begin to despise me!
  • And you despise me too, Alyosha.
  • Despise me as a scoundrel, despise me, all of you!
  • Despise me as a scoundrel, despise me, all of you!
  • Then he despises me, me?
  • He did this very circumstantially, and every one realized that, although he professed to despise that suspicion, he thought the subject of great importance.
  • Oh, he has despised me horribly, he has always despised me, and do you know, he has despised me from the very moment that I bowed down to him for that money.
  • Oh, he has despised me horribly, he has always despised me, and do you know, he has despised me from the very moment that I bowed down to him for that money.
  • Oh, he has despised me horribly, he has always despised me, and do you know, he has despised me from the very moment that I bowed down to him for that money.
  • And did he despise me?
  • Katya despises me.
  • Did he despise me?
  • Did he despise me?
  • It must be noted that Kolya understood and divined what was in Dardanelov’s heart and, of course, despised him profoundly for his "feelings"; he had in the past been so tactless as to show this contempt before his mother, hinting vaguely that he knew what Dardanelov was after.
  • The same lady, bathed in tears of long-concealed indignation, alleged that he, he of all men, had despised her for her action, which, though incautious, reckless perhaps, was still dictated by lofty and generous motives.
  • He was always convinced that I should be trembling with shame all my life before him, because I went to him then, and that he had a right to despise me for ever for it, and so to be superior to me—that’s why he wanted to marry me!
  • I believe like a child that suffering will be healed and made up for, that all the humiliating absurdity of human contradictions will vanish like a pitiful mirage, like the despicable fabrication of the impotent and infinitely small Euclidian mind of man, that in the world’s finale, at the moment of eternal harmony, something so precious will come to pass that it will suffice for all hearts, for the comforting of all resentments, for the atonement of all the crimes of humanity, of all…
  • I learned afterwards for a fact that it was from a jealous feeling on his side also that my challenge was accepted; he had been rather jealous of me on his wife’s account before their marriage; he fancied now that if he submitted to be insulted by me and refused to accept my challenge, and if she heard of it, she might begin to despise him and waver in her love for him.
  • Dmitri—despises her," said Alyosha, with a sort of shudder.
  • Don’t be afraid of bare-footed wenches—don’t despise them—they’re pearls!"
  • I thought," he said, in a soft and, as it were, controlled voice, "that I was coming to my native place with the angel of my heart, my betrothed, to cherish his old age, and I find nothing but a depraved profligate, a despicable clown!"
  • "And you say that to me!" cried Kolya; "and would you believe it, I thought—I’ve thought several times since I’ve been here—that you despised me!
  • Oh, I’ve behaved inhumanly, dishonorably to her, but I fell in love here with another woman …. a woman whom you, madam, perhaps, despise, for you know everything already, but whom I cannot leave on any account, and therefore that three thousand now—"
  • If he doesn’t believe in people, of course, he does despise them."
  • For he sees clearly and says to himself, "Now I have understanding, and though I now thirst to love, there will be nothing great, no sacrifice in my love, for my earthly life is over, and Abraham will not come even with a drop of living water (that is the gift of earthly active life) to cool the fiery thirst of spiritual love which burns in me now, though I despised it on earth; there is no more life for me and will be no more time!

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  • She despises the people he has to work for.
  • They despise each other.

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