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The Brothers Karamazov
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The Brothers Karamazov
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  • Alyosha stopped two steps in front of him, looking inquiringly at him.
  • Father Iosif inquired cautiously.
  • She did inquire about him, but she did not know the proper place to inquire.
  • The girl at the window turned her back indignantly on the scene; an expression of extraordinary cordiality came over the haughtily inquiring face of the woman.
  • She did inquire about him, but she did not know the proper place to inquire.
  • She had inquired whether she might pray for the rest of the soul of her son, Vassenka, who had gone to Irkutsk, and had sent her no news for over a year.
  • "You—can see spirits?" the monk inquired.
  • "How is that, may one inquire?" asked Miuesov, with lively curiosity.
  • "What sort of shape?" inquired the monk, after a pause of vain expectation.
  • In the cell he found the novice Porfiry and Father Paissy, who came every hour to inquire after Father Zossima.
  • It was impossible for him to go into the tavern in his monastic dress, but he could inquire at the entrance for his brothers and call them down.
  • The woman of the house and Foma too, if he were here, might be loyal to his brother and obey his instructions, and so refuse to let Alyosha come into the garden, or might warn Dmitri that he was being sought and inquired for.
  • "No, they’re all alike," he added, and again he looked inquiringly at Pyotr Ilyitch.
  • "Yes, for real Russians the questions of God’s existence and of immortality, or, as you say, the same questions turned inside out, come first and foremost, of course, and so they should," said Alyosha, still watching his brother with the same gentle and inquiring smile.
  • Ivan inquired, with a peculiar, irritable curiosity.
  • "Why are you so afraid of Mitya to-day?" inquired Rakitin.
  • "What have you stolen?" inquired Pyotr Ilyitch curiously.
  • Kalganov instantly opened his eyes, looked at her, stood up, and with the most anxious air inquired where was Maximov?
  • "Is that the sort of thing you dream about?" inquired the prosecutor.
  • Nikolay Parfenovitch inquired once more.
  • Nikolay Parfenovitch inquired cautiously.
  • I’m surprised, indeed, that you haven’t inquired about it before.
  • "Have you ever seen so much as twenty thousand before, then?" inquired Nikolay Parfenovitch, with a smile.
  • "Did he say it to you alone once, or several times?" inquired the prosecutor, and learned that he had told Grushenka so several times.
  • But before we proceed to listen to your communication, will you allow me to inquire as to another little fact of great interest to us?
  • Allow us, for instance, to inquire why you were absent from the town, and just when you left and when you came back—all those facts.
  • "Did he tell you that alone, or before some one else, or did you only hear him speak of it to others in your presence?" the prosecutor inquired immediately.
  • This was why he had gone off without telling her and why he left orders with his landlady not to let out where he had gone, if any one came to inquire for him.
  • The lady came to meet her visitor, with a sternly inquiring countenance, and, without asking him to sit down, began at once with the question: "What do you want?"
  • With the strangest perplexity he indicated his bundle of hundred-rouble notes, looking inquiringly at Pyotr Ilyitch as though it were for him to decide what he, Mitya, was to do with his own money.
  • We found the servant Smerdyakov, concerning whom you inquire, lying unconscious in his bed, in an epileptic fit of extreme severity, that had recurred, possibly, ten times.
  • "Allow me to inquire," observed the prosecutor at last, "have you informed any one whatever of this circumstance before, I mean that you had fifteen hundred left about you a month ago?"
  • They inquired particularly into the circumstance of his having a place of ambush in Marya Kondratyevna’s house at the back of Fyodor Pavlovitch’s garden to keep watch on Grushenka, and of Smerdyakov’s bringing him information.
  • Smerdyakov was always inquiring, putting certain indirect but obviously premeditated questions, but what his object was he did not explain, and usually at the most important moment he would break off and relapse into silence or pass to another subject.
  • Greeting his father affably, and even inquiring specially after his health, though he did not wait to hear his answer to the end, he announced that he was starting off in an hour to return to Moscow for good, and begged him to send for the horses.
  • On Alyosha’s inquiring whether she had informed the police, she answered that she had told no one, "but I flew straight to you, I’ve run all the way."
  • "But is her husband in prison?" the matter-of-fact Kostya inquired gravely.
  • "And does the shot burn?" he inquired.
  • Kolya inquired hurriedly, with a business-like air, taking the meat.
  • "Did you really take him down?" the captain inquired, in a flattering way.
  • "Universal history?" the captain inquired, looking almost scared.
  • I’ve inquired; don’t try and take me in.
  • "To whom are you referring as ’that wicked wretch’?" inquired the prosecutor.
  • But Grushenka sent almost every day to inquire after him.
  • In regard to my epilepsy, sir, you had much better inquire of the doctors here.
  • Nastya inquired.
  • He inquired, however, with surprise, why he called the peasant-trader Gorstkin, Lyagavy, and obligingly explained to Mitya that, though the man’s name really was Lyagavy, he was never called so, as he would be grievously offended at the name, and that he must be sure to call him Gorstkin, "or you’ll do nothing with him; he won’t even listen to you," said the priest in conclusion.
  • "I’ve known of it a long time; I telegraphed to Moscow to inquire, and heard long ago that the money had not arrived.
  • Will you stake another hundred?" the Pole on the sofa inquired.
  • I’ll inquire whether Grushenka’s there and instantly be back here again, stay till eleven, and then to Samsonov’s again to bring her home."
  • But I think," she said in conclusion, "that there’s no need for you to inquire about that, nor for me to answer you, for that’s my own affair."
  • Ha ha!" cried Mitya, listening eagerly, and turning his inquiring eyes to each as he spoke, as though there were no knowing what he might hear from each.
  • "Don’t inquire.

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  • Students should contact our office to inquire about scholarship opportunities.
  • I am here to inquire about the job.

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